Let The Soap Opera Continue?

Starting with the "almost signing" of Pacman Jones as a returner (who has a way worse rap sheet than Armstead), we could have had Armstead back, but Kelly wanted to get rid of the negative player's. We also had a returner in camp and pre-season with a record (can't recall his name) and they cut him loose, then Giles had the potential to return, and bye bye Giles, this kick/punt returner soap opera is going to continue all year. Now saying i am Kelly, i would much rather have brought Armstead back as the player's are familier with him as a person and team mate, but no Kelly flat out says he wouldn't welcome Armstead back because of his legal woes, but then looks into bringing in "Pacman" who's rap sheet is 10 times longer than Armsteads, this just shows me that Kelly has no freakin' clue what he's doing.

Now bring in Simpson, second leading tackler in the league, Kelly wants to reduce his role in the defense (he says cause of injury), if that's the case, i can kinda understand Kelly's side on this one, he wants to keep Barrin around for the long haul, but if Barrin wants to play every play and feels he could do so, play him until he proves he can't play every play and then sit him out a bit, this whole thing went public and shouldn't have. If it were me i would play Simpson every play UNLESS he shows signs of wear and/or pain and slowing down. This is a tough one, i like Barrin's guts and i know he wants to be out there every play to help the team, but if he is injured i can see why Kelly would want to sit him out some play's. We will see how this one play's out, to me it seems as though Kelly is putting the team and Barrin's Injury first, and wants Simpson to be at 100% for the stretch and maybe Barrin thinks he can play every down, no one knows his injury situation more than the Bomber Coaches. How many times has a player said they feel fine and get knocked out for the whole season? i've seen it alot.

To me this went public (Simpson wants to be traded) way too fast and no one knows all the facts behind this saga, i think Kelly is doing the right thing here, especially if Simpson is hurt. I feel Barrin thinks he is 100% when he really isn't, after all he has been injected twice per game all year for a reason, sometimes i hate to admit it but Kelly is doing the right thing here, let's hope Barrin realizes that he is not Superman and needs a rest like everyone else.

I have no idea where this rumour came from, but i heard it alot this past week about the new QB Casey Brampton (or whatever), anyway's rumour has it that he will see playing time today, if this is true, how the heck do you play a guy who has no CFL experience and one week's practice under his belt, maybe he'll surprise us all, highly unlikely though. And if this is true, if i were Randall I would be bitter as heck. Rumour is Randall is great in the film room, but does not take that knowledge onto the field with him!! How do you come up with that assesment, when Randall has never had as full weeks practice with the first team and has never played more than 5 minutes of CFL football, i still think Randall can be the starter of this team for years to come, he is only 26 years old and has the physical attributes to be a starter here. Now if 28 year old Casey B. get's game time ahead of Randall, then there is going to be problems.

This QB saga has my head spinning, Glenn Cut goes to Hamilton and play's great, Dinwiddie cut way before training camp without even a thought. We bring in Lefors, keep Randall and also has Krillian and the over weight QB at camp = very little CFL Experience and ZERO CFL WINS, cue Micheal Bishop, signs with the BB'S after Lefors gets injured and wants surgury, Bishop has not been bad, but Far from great, he is 33 years old and is WITH NO DOUBT NOT THE LONG TERM ANSWER. the way i look at this is Lefors is not starting material, Bishop is only in to help out this year (think he'll be in TC in 2010?) NO, Randall has not played enough to evaluate his strenghths and weaknesses, therefore how can you make him better? They Bring in This New Guy Casey "whatever" just to fill a roster spot. Why not bring in Printers? Everyone knows that a new team can make a QB better than he has been in previous years. look at Calvillo, was horrible with the Cats and we all know the rest of that story.

The whole soap opera will continue until we have no good player's left and Kelly is finally canned, or Kelly starts making the moves to BETTER the BB'S, this brings me to Simpson again, if he is going to be moved, get something of value for him, someone who will help us immediately, how about a QB? If Barrin is traded and we get Nothing for him, we will have major problems.

....you're taking a more positive take than me bluengold....I don't think you can continue the year with Kelly....He has lost the team...obviously....I say you give the reins to either Richard Harris (he has ALOT of respect on the club) orrrrrr Campbell...Kelly has to go....Too much off-field crap....bad decisions to do with the no 1 qb...period...Printers SHOULD be an option...We have to pretty much start from scratch....My oh my what a waste of a year....Disaster..IF we don't do something MAJOR....the Bombers will be playing to an empty house....sad...sad days... :oops:

My suggestion would be to can Kelly and get someone in quickly so they can have a few games of CFL experience and maybe a couple wins under their belt going into next season. Kelly's a failure as a coach and as a human being, total jerk.

I agree 100%, this crap has to stop now, player's are not playing for Kelly all year and now it's pretty obvious, look at the penalties Shabazz took all game and he's laughing it up on the sideline. THAT IS A STATEMENT right there that Kelly lost this team not just these past 2 games but the whole year, we lost a good reciever in Armstrong because of Kelly, now Simpson wants out and i don't blame Armstrong or Simpson one bit, KELLY'S TIME HAS COME TO AN END, and it should happen NOW, not at the end of this year. We can still salvage some great player's from this mess and start rebuilding around them, ONLY if KELLY is GONE NOW!!