Let the real season begin.

Wow, we sure settled a lot in the pre-season. In the West all the teams are tied 1-1. The home teams won each time likely because they wanted to impress the home crowd so they played their starters.

Based on pre-season results Hamilton is the best team in the league.

Looks like the only thing settled is that pre-season means little in terms of team quality and nobody should take any stock in the results.

I don't understand.

You said the home teams likely played their starters
to win and impress their home fans, eh, cfleskfan?

Now you say...'Nobody should
take stock in the results?'

If that's the case, their coaches
sure got some splainin' to do.

Their new players didn't get
game time to be evaluated.

They haven't figured things out
as well as you have, eh, cfleskfan?

:D :oops: :twisted:

...yes, the real season begins...fishing season...

Evaluation is done at training camp. Pre-season allows that final observation of new players in a game setting and lets veterans get cobwebs out.

If you think pre-season results matter you've been sniffing too much smelting fumes. They could save on power bills and not even turn on the scoreboard.

Do you think it is just coincidence that all 4 western teams rested their stars in the away games?

All I know, is all those years we went 4-0 in pre-season (60's & 70's) We went on to miss the playoffs.

Bikini Season!

Haven’t the Cats gone undefeated in the pre-season three years running now? Or am I mistaken?

I was tempted to say that earlier... My God! :? :lol:

And the Colts (I know, NFL) I think have won one, maybe two pre-season games in the last decade, and yet they're the only team to win 12 or more games for 5 straight seasons.

Pre-season results mean nothing; though as a fan I'd rather watch my team win a pre-season game than watch them lose.

If you combine our records for '06, '07, and now '08, the Cats have won 6 pre-season games, and 7 regular season games. When real wins are so few and far between, it's easy to get excited about exhibition wins.

I think most teams use the first pre-season game as a way of evaluating their rookies, and the second mostly as a way of getting the starters ready for the season. They'll still use that game to make decisions, but generally they already have a pretty good idea who's going to make the team and who isn't.

Back when the pre-season was 4 games long, it got rather boring, but the regular season started and you knew you had the best players and they were ready. No team had to take the first three or four weeks to "gel".