Let The Playoffs Begin --- Never Thought I Would Say This


Yeah!!! :rockin:

...How many times have we seen that picture.....Glenn injured and then throws the game away.....Now the Cats can see why we longer employ Mr. Glenn :wink:...Argos have to be given full credit for making the smoke and mirrors work all year....Congrats...

I don't blame this on Glenn at all.This is what the game boils down to.

  • Piss poor play calls on offense
  • No running game
  • DeAngelis shanking what should've been a gimme
  • The refs missing the Argo player spearing Wilbur just after the ball leaves his foot, instead of first and 10 Ticats, it's 1st and 10 Argo's.Result?3 points
  • Fumbles by Thigpen, one resulting in a TD.

To get better the Ticats need to upgrade at WR, DT, DB, and since Otis Floyd is in all likely hood retiring, MLB.Also worried about Bruce retiring, he was talking about it at the end of last year and then decided to return.Hamilton's relief from agonizing football may only be the brief past 2 years.Oi.....

I didn't see any spear on the kicker. When was that?

What hurt the Ticats were turnovers. The last interception can be put on both Glenn and Bruce. It was a bad throw by Glenn and a catch Bruce usually makes.

look back when it was 10-6.Ticats go to punt on 3rd and 9, Wilbur goes to punt, get's absolutely rocked by an Argo defender JUST after getting it off, refs ignore it.Fans absolutely erupt into a frenzy because it was right near the endzone where a huge chunk of fans were sitting.Stead of first and 10 Ticats it's first and 10 Argo's, they march and score a FG.skip to 19:40 3rd Q. of the VOD thing on TSN.It doesn't show it all but you see 2 Argo defenders start to take him down.It was a lot more harsh if you saw the whole thing.

I watched that but don't see how it could be considered a spear. I couldn't see a hit by one of the Argos because he was going out of camera range by the time he reached Wilbur but the Argo who was laying out towards Wilbur didn't look like he speared him. I couldn't see a hit on Wilbur in that clip. Too bad they didn't show an isolated replay of it.

It probably wasn't a spear, but it certainly looked that way from our angle.Either way he was clearly tackled and nothing was done about it.

The games Glenn loses are never entirely his fault. But many times in Winnipeg he played great for most of the game and threw costly picks at bad times. No exception today. You'd never blame the loss solely on him, but he still likes to throw the game away when given a chance to save it.

That much I can agree Bowler, and while I think he's proved to the vast majority that he's growing into a beast QB, that's still his one fatal flaw.I'm hoping his dumb throws aka "it's going to that spot whether 6 defenders are waiting for it or not" throws will be worked on and fixed or AT LEAST limited.

If his foot was down it's not a penalty. Couldn't see whether it was or not when he was hit since it was out of the camera range.

It wasn’t, it hung up in the air as he was falling down.Again, it wasn’t a spear but the illegal contact was clearly there.It’s not that big of a deal now but it just goes to show you how poor the reffing has been all year long.Bomber’s should know that :wink:

....I feel 'kinda' sorry for cats fans....If they can't see the forest for the trees :roll: ...oh well....Believe me..the Bombers have been in more last minute heartbreaks served up by Mr. chokeartist Glenn than i care to remember How long has Glenn been around???....he knows the percentages on a high pass like that and he chucked it anyway....I just have to go back a couple of years to a playoff against the esks. , when he tossed one up. It was intercepted by a lineman who ran it back for a td. in the closing mins. of the game...If we would have had a less 'errant' pass and drove the field we would have won that one...In any event that's all water under the bridge...His legs once again let him down..and ol wobbly knees came up short AGAIN....I have to agree it was a horrible bloody call (whoever made that one deserves a pink slip) All that was needed was a little run up the middle with Cobb and you give DeAngelis a shot :roll: Oh well ...would'ves, could'ves and maybes don't count...I just hope the Cats keep Glenn around,at least until next year when we meet in the playoffs... :thup:

Again, Glenn’s fine… for now.We all know his fatal flaw and we all know there’s no replacement in sight so what’s the point in turfing him outright?If you were Obie, how would you interpret Glenn’s 33 TD 5,100 yard season and what would you do about it?Are there any good FA QB’s available or any possible trades?I’m not saying this in a goofish tone either, i’m serious.While I like Glenn his choking is getting really annoying.Glenn (in a lesser extent), Marcel,Sandro, Mike Gibson, DeAndra Cobb, our secondary and the DT position are killing us.Plus Otis Floyd is retiring this off-season so now we have a huge hole at MLB although we’ve been grooming the youngster Ike Brown for almost 2 years now to take over.Should be an interesting off-season for sure.

You could swing a deal with the Esks - Ray for Glenn and another player/draft pick. :wink:

That article at CFL.ca about Floyd didn't say anything about him definitely retiring.

He said it on the 5th quarter show after the game "This is probably my last year in Hamilton"
You are correct, it's not definite.And it has to be retirement because he has another year + option still on his contract.

Well apparently that meant nothing because he announced to the media today that he WOULD be returning for 2011.No the question is what to do with the other problems on our roster...You guys have it easy, despite the 4-14 record your roster's pretty well set.A N/I WR, Buck Pierce returning and voila you guys roll to 8+ wins.

.....Buck has to stay healthy....then maybe 8 plus wins..... I believe Jyles could get us there also... Not a bad situation..We are solid in a lot of positions and a couple of good acquistions in the off-season will give us a good shot at a more successful season....HOWEVER...it's the coaching i'm a little tentative about...I know Lapolice will improve but we may lose Reed and we hope to lose our special teams coach...IF that transpires we will have to find suitable replacements...As far as the cats go, 15 championships...hmmmmm sounds like you guys will be doing some shuffling also...You can't stand pat with a team that goes out in the first round of the playoffs 2 years in a row...If i were Bellefuielle i wouldn't be too complacent...Obie is probably going to make some moves....maybe a coaching change????orrrr player trades...It's not a lot of fun when you have to keep juggling the roster every year...Continuity is the key but neither the Bombers or the Cats can claim that position....yet....We'll see how the off-season goes....Lots of question marks for both clubs ,for sure :wink:

It's stupid, they're placing the blame entirely at the feet of the players, obviously to save their jobs and it worked.MB is going to be HC for 2011.However, there WILL be changes to this years roster as they want to lose some dead weights for better players.Hopefully they mean Sandro and Cobb and Glenn (providing of course we trade for Ray or something).

You guys got it made.Sign Bauman and there goes your N/I WR problem.Then you got the first overall to fool around with.What other problems do you seriously have besides a previously rookie HC and a QB that can't seem to stay healthy?
This is the best 4-14 team i've ever seen lol.