I know Earl you are not serious?

I don't know argotom, as they say sometimes a girl will make you wait a bit to make it more worth it sort of thing. Ok, I'm sure The Score wasn't doing for this reason but just saying you never know. The other positive spin will be they were giving more credit to the Grey Cup putting it in with an NFL game and giving it the "big" status. They "had" the "NFL only counts fans" and this was The Scores gift to the CFL to give these guys the Grey Cup game. Who knows. :wink: :?

WHAT! we have more then one sportschannel in Canada,I thought those other one's were American. :lol:

Did the Score even show the Grey Cup highlights?
I watched last night after the Grey Cup, and they lead with NFL, then went to the NHL.
And I got fed up and turned the channel?
Not leading with the Grey Cup makes them a monumental joke in my opinion.

berezin, it's a compliment to the CFL and our Grey Cup along the lines of a great player getting booed in the oppositions rink or stadium. You gotta love it man when they ignore ya or boo ya, she's a compliment all the way my friend. :thup:

And you're right, makes them look exactly like they are, stepping in their own poo, they set their trap and walked into it, gotta love it man! :thup:

Let em keep promoting sports from another country.
Thats why TSN is number one by a huge margin.
They recognize their audience is Canadians.
Not foreigners!

Exactly, all others are imposters, shall we say, eh?

TSN may realize that its audience are Canadian, and that's great for them, but The Score realizes that is audience are basketball fans. It's primarily a basketball channel, which is why they play so many NBA games, and why every year they have great coverage of March Madness. Whether you want to admit it or not, there are basketball fans in this country, and The Score is for them. If every sports station played the same crap, it'd get mighty boring.

Chief, we know that, it's all a business afterall, The Score as you say concentrates on BBall, hey,not every network can do everything excellently, give and take. They do good with that, hey, even me as a non-basketball fan I'd say does tune into the Final 4 or 8 stuff and CIS final 8 or whatever it is. No prob.

Forgot about the CIS Final 8... Watched it last year. Wasn't bad. Just wish the tourney included more teams. Oh well.

You're kidding me right.
Have you ever actually seen the ratings for the Final Four or Raptors games for that matter.
It's great that the score picks up fringe sports like lhat. Quite frankly for the ratings they get for these products,they would be better off to strike a deal with countless local cable companies and show CHL games nationally,but that is another post.
The problem that people have with the Score is that they act like they are too good for Canada(other then the NHL) and that American sports are more important then Canadian sports.
Their website is a joke in that they can't even be bothered to post a picture of a CFL event,instead they just put the team's logo there.
They even sabatoge their own product by not even having any CIS coverage on their website and show American college games before Canadian college game.
They almost act like a local Toronto sports channel and fail to realize that they are brodcasting to the entire country.
To tell you the truth they really are idiots, they will be going out of business very very soon.

I can't watch it because some of their "broadcasters" remind me of being back in grade one. I like Cabbie and a couple of others but a few, yikes, I have to change the channel quick as I fear my already somewhat average intelligence is going to go down even further if I continue to watch it.

I wish some one would buy this station and relaunch it in a very similar format, but CANADIAN.
It would be awsome to see regional cable feeds of CIS football, CHL hockey, pretty much anything Canadian.
Somehow this network stays on the air despite the fact that it's programming often fails to draw over 50000 viewers.
I just find it sad that a Canadian company puts this much effort into showing fringe sports like NCAA basketball and yet our own leagues(CHL,CIS,NLL) are blacked out...

K, what didn't you get about my post? I said The Score is predominately a basketball broadcaster, so of course its website isn't going to be flooded with CFL stuff. And maybe they don't have a lot of CIS coverage on their website, but neither does TSN. TSN has its CIS coverage hidden in the More+ menu. At least The Score broadcasts the CIS Men's Final 8, as well as CIS football games.

As I've said before, there are people in this country, whether you want to admit it or not, who like basketball and soccer, etc., and The Score caters to those fans. If you don't like it, then that's too bad. Don't watch the station. Don't look at its website.

I like the cast. Sid and Tim crack me up. And that new girl they got, Renee Paquette? Dayum! :lol: Cabbie is good. I love his interviews with Kobe. He has the biggest man crush I’ve ever seen. :lol:

And that's precisely why The Score is near bankruptcy and has laid of vast employees including many on air staff.
Good on them and hopefully good riddance.


The score was already an average network, but now they are just a fringe network.

They don’t have much money and have got rid (or reduced) of a lot of employees. Their viewership is undoubtedly down as a result, since they were really just a niche network. I hope they continue the university sports stuff though, that’s great.

Basketball wont cut it though. It’s really just a regional sport and with the raptors looking once again mediocre, it’s hard for them to build their brand nationally. Also I think the score doesn’t do very many MLS games either…the cupboard is pretty bare, which is unfortunate I used to like that network.

The only good thing about sportsnet is that I can watch regional hockey games. The rest is absolute garbage.

Not quite sure what the problem is with this article.... is the league supposed to sweep the fact that the Riders handed the Cup to the Als on a STUPID penalty, under the carpet and just forget about it?

Brunt describes the game perfectly, I fail to see this alleged "hate" for the CFL.

bottom line is the Riders were GC Champions until some tool didn't know his role and stayed on that field!!

So the fact Brunt does not mention how this game produced unbelievable excitement, like today's TV numbers state, to you that's OK?
You obviously have not read or seen him co-hosting on Sportsnet/Fan 590 and his previous many anti CFL articles while slobbering like an idiot over anything NFL?

So he's a CFL hater because he did not put in print.. "the game was exciting" ??????

nothing in that article supports any claim of CFL hatred!!!