Let The Games (and gossip) Begin

We are less than a week from our season opener and while many BB Fans are literally peeved at Kelly's moves, such as the release of Big Joe and Naming Lefors the Starter, we have to look at the positives and not dwell on the negatives yet!! Let's have a look now, shall we:

Our first 2 games are going to be a test - at Edmonton and then back home VS The Stamps - Lefors himself has said this has been a quick study and will take time to Gel, but is positive in the Club and Player's. I don't expect the Bombers to come out and Win either of these games, but if they keep them close, then things will look better. Then again we may surprise and win both, this is the CFL and anything can happen. Let's see how quick this team GELS, we have the talent on all sides of the ball, if we utilize our talent, we will be a good team.

If we lose the first 2 games, i can see alot of fans calling for Kelly's head ... not me ... if this team plays solid against both the Esks and Stamps, then that shows me that this team will be good down the stretch. I will give Kelly the benefit of the doubt until midseason, our first nine games are not going to be easy, so i will judge the team and Kelly's decisions after the first 9 games.

Everyone seems to be on Kelly's Back about Joe Smith ... YES it was a big surprise, but look at it this way .... We have won in the past with just one scat back (Roberts) and Reid will be better than last year. Giles is younger and Faster than Smith and still posesses almost the same strength as Joe, Bernard is not far behind as well. Releasing Smith and having Giles and Bernard on the roster shows me that Kelly is commited on the future as well as the present, Giles, Reid and Bernard is still very young, so why not go with a younger team, Giles will surprise many i believe, he earned his spot.

We will all be looking at Lefors and The Oline first, time will tell if Lefors is the answer, but i hope that Kelly has the ballz to bench him and start Randall or Williams if Lefors isn't living up to expectations. That is what any other good coach would do, make neccessary changes and decisions during, before and after games. I think we will be just fine.