Now before we go into the FA signings, let's remind ourselves that Taman WILL NOT BE GM much longer as Mike Kelly is rumoured to become HC/GM and i agree with that move 100% .... Now about our FA'S, My suggestions on Must Signs and Who Cares!!

The Bombers head into the off-season with 14 free agents. They are:
fullback Graeme Bell
running back Fred Reid
linebackers Ike Charlton and Cam Hall
offensive linemen Alexandre Gauthier, Matt O'Meara, Dominic Picard and Kyle Koch
defensive linemen Gavin Walls, Jerome Haywood, Shawn Mayne and Jon Oosterhuis
defensive back Kelly Malveaux and Malbouro
long snapper Chris Cvetkovic.

And to the fans who say or think Simpson is a FA, you're wrong, he is heading into his option, so that basically leaves Simpson as TRADE BAIT or RELEASED with Moreno and Lobedahn as Linebackers.

As far as our FA'S are concerned ---- i think we need to re-sign Fred Reid, remember we do have Smith and his salary is high but is being paid by the LEO'S, so we can afford to keep the Lightning and Thunder Tandam. Graham Bell is good on special teams, but would be no big loss, even though i like the way he plays. Charlton and Hall ---- one or both will be gone as Charlton showed me nothing spectacular this year, Cam Hall was a leading tackler --- BUT with Moreno and Lobedahn (LO or Moreno will move to OLB) which leaves one OLB position, if we had to sign one of the two we have I would opt for Hall over Charlton. Gavin Walls needs to be re-signed as he showed he can still play up to his rookie year and played awesome the second half of the year, Haywood re-signing would depend on TOM Canada's status next year, if Canada can return or will return i will take Canada over Haywood (which leaves the D-Line with Brown, Canada, Walls and Ellis), Mayne is mainly a utility player so who cares, Oosterhuis is injury riddled, no need to sign him. DB'S, have to keep Malveux as he was one of the only players to play hard all year, Marlbourough is done, being 33 years old and wasn't a factor at all. We need Cvetkovic, cause no one else can long snap, remember Donnelly trying (how pathetic). Oline we need to re-sign Picard and Koch, Koch has promise and Picard plays hard nosed all the time. Gauthier is 50/50, the guy is hot-cold and takes 6 penalties a game. Matt O'Meara, don't know enough about his ability on the oline, just know he is a ST player and don't hear his name too much.

As far as other FA'S that may be available or player's released ----- Bruce would be a good signing with Milt Retiring, but at what price? The rest is up in the air.

As far as our QB situation ---- In a real world i cannot see Glenn being here, he is trade bait as far as i am concerned so that leaves us with Dinwiddie, Randall and Chang .... All with little or no experience, i would give Dinwiddie a shot at starter, bring back Randall to learn the game more as he is a mobile QB and has great potential. I would like to see the Bombers go after Printers, Durant, Williams, Maas or Jarious Jackson. Now Durant is a long shot as Sask is ready to re-sign him, Printers would need to be released and take a HUGE pay cut, Williams will probably start with Hamilton and Jackson will still be in BC. All these guys would be an upgrade but the only QB'S i see being moved are Bishop (waived by Sask), Printers and Joseph. Of those 3, i would NOT want Joseph or Bishop here as they only care about there own stats (and Bishops are frankly horrible, i would rather Glenn over Bishop). Printers may be an option and could be great with our running game and recievers, needs to take a pay cut though. So with Kelly coming in, the logical choice is trading for Maas as he and Kelly are close, but again Maas is not young anymore and hasn't started in 2 years and we know what happened then.

Saying all that, we have to remember that Williams, Maas and Printers played on a team that resembled a high school team in Hamilton (No Oline, Second Rate Recievers and Numerous second string running backs except when Lumsden was healthy, which was very rare) so these 3 would be my top picks.

Any Thoughts?

well heres my take. i like mattt o'meara good oline along with picard for centre. gauthier i;m not to concerned with but am ok of we resign him. marlbrough is a no due to injury factor and i'm so so on malveux, makes good plays now and then but gets burned alot. Haywood to me a mus he is a mini tank and takes alot of pressure of brown. Walls is ok on end but hasn't been the force he was in his rookie year, and with kai ellis and canada still here he can become good trade bait being a good end. ried is a must but ui think smith should get the nod as rb number 1 next year. grame bell is a good secial teams guy but we have no need for a full back. cvetkovik is a good snapper but clutz at everything else, but for snapping i say keep him, and then shawn mayne and oosterhuis are expendable.

i agree that glenn is to go bye bye. let chag, randall, and dinwiddie battle and take the reigns. one of them will show up and develope nicely. and unless sheridan and khan can get and stay healthy we should cut them as well. to much money to have them both sit out all season. taman wants to shake things u a move like that has to be done. and as it stands right now taman is still going to have alot of control over player management simly because a head coach/gm position doesnt work.

......RE-SIGN....Reid, Malveaux,Picard,Walls, Cvetcovic, Koch, Gauthier, for sures
.....Hall,Haywood, Oosterhuis,Bell,......maybes
.......The rest are on the bubble

Simpson should be dealt along with Glenn....

qbs. for next year should be what we have in the bull-pen....Dinwiddie,Randall,Chang also
Bring in a proven experienced qb. into the mix...and let them all fight for the starting position

Go after Arland Bruce 111 hard this guy still has lots of up-side and raw talent

As for the remaining coaches....Let Mike Kelly take care of that...i'm sure there'll be some movement in the special teams dept. for sure

With all of that done.......presto....solid contender.....take it away Mike...

......quote, to make you feel a little better after this years performance and reading a Hamilton TigerCat supporters comment,
' geez , if we had eight wins like the Bombers this year.... we would've thought we won the Cup...and they fired their coach....

only one way to go from here guys and that's ...UP...

:thup: :rockin:

This will be interesting, mostly because Bauer said part of the reason Berry was fired was because they felt they had the personnel to be a contender but that the coaching staff wasn't getting everything out of the players. So, if the new GM doesn't sign most of these guys, did Bauer lie ?

you make a good point piggt. he said the he feels we had a very talented team and the reason they fired berry was because he never got the performance out of the players.

i don't see any reason to change our receivers. strong talented group.

qb's glenn needs to go, he doesn;t have it for us anymore. and we need to let the 3 battle maybe bring in one or 2 to the mix and let them duke and them give the winner the reigns.

d-line walls is expendable with ellis and canada, haywood should be kept.

middles simpson = trade bait with moreno holding the fort. charlton is so/so not to sure. maybe can him and fit malveaux at outside. he seems better there then anywhere else.

and secondary needs a huge revamp period. marlbrough has to go.

Probably not a good idea to leave the D-line with three DEs and one DT, especially when the DEs are all pretty small to make any possible switch. Unless we switch to a 3-4 (which might actually make sense with our MLB depth), Haywood should stay.

I honestly can't see Glenn NOT being here next year, and the way people seem to value him around here, how can you say he's trade bait? Nobody will pay anything for him. If anything, he'll get released. You bring up a good point about Maas, though - I'm a fan of his, and it does make sense. As far as next year goes, I did say that nobody the Bombers can bring in is better than Glenn except maybe Dinwiddie, but if it's feasible to bring Maas in, it could be possible to upgrade there.

dinwiddie is not better then glenn. just more passionate. only upgrade from glenn would be maas. but this team ahs to take a chance and develope a qb, not buy one. randall is a highly touted prospect who giving the chance can be a great qb. i like ryans passion and heart and think he might develope as well. not so much as randall to me though. and chang can be a solid back up to them both and push them bein a threat to develope as well. so in terms of qb the bombers gotta test what they have and give them the reigns. next years team should be alot different on the sidelines and how the team is run and that means qb more then anything.

I disagree with the statements that Dinwiddie is NOT AS GOOD as Glenn, I think Dinwiddie is a better QB for two reasons, one he has heart and brings the best out of the rest of the Offense (see win vs. CGY, did the recievers try and make those great catches for Glenn? NO) AND when ryan is in the WHOLE team seems to play better, he brings out the best in the whole team.

Is he a starter? Has not proved it yet, but definately has the potential and unless we bring in someone proven should be givin' the reigns as Randall has alot to learn still. NOW saying that Randall IS the QB of the future IF he can learn the game a little quicker and make better reads (his weakness this year) and that is why he played only 3 minutes. IF he can learn the game quick, he IS the QB of the future. REMEMBER RANDALL CAN BE BACK UP FOR ONE MORE YEAR AS HE JUST TURNED 25 IN AUGUST, he is still young, brings a mobile game, but NEEDS TO ABSOLUTELY LEARN THE GAME BETTER.

Then again, best way to learn the game better is to play it!!!! I say start Dinwiddie with Randall as back-up learning the game and if Dinwiddie craps the bed, let Randall have a shot. I don't think we need to panick about the QB situation with Dinwiddie, Randall and Chang as QB'S. I think they all have upside and can be great. If it comes down to a QB battle in TC next year between these 3 , Dinwiddie wins, simply cause he learned the game faster and has more experience, but Randall may surprise.


ya ok hint calgary when he went big cuz he had nothing to lose. he steps up and win like he did keeps #1 for another weeek he flunks out and loses he gets put back into #2. he put it all on the line and got the job done. then next week he goes and loses 19-11 against toronto, and then 39-11 against montreal.

congrats on him doiung his dam job. a backup is supposed to win games when your starter can;t he won one game and then lost 2. ya great starting option. he had one good game against calgary and then hit the ground hard getting lit up the following 2 weeks before getting replaced by glenn.

sorry one good game is not enough to call a guy a starter heck quinton porter out threw calvillo is the cfl game with the most completions with nothing to lose went out next week and got smoked by 30+ points. ryan still has alot to prove, i never question his heart to play but tell me when that was enough to get you a #1 starting job if thats all you got?

.....How many of you guys were as frustrated as hell with Doug Berrys decisions this year concerning the qbs....We had a lot of talent sitting on the bench and it seemed Berry was going out of his way to keep Glenn in ,come hell or high-water (except for the time he was benched because the fans started to scream and he just plain stunk))....There were many games, when a lot of people had seen Glenn didn't have it....yet no replacement came in...One of the many reasons Berry was told to hit the road...
I recall one game in particular, when the out-come was never in doubt, and Randall finally got his shot and had the grand total of four plays to show his stuff....just garbage...I sometimes wondered if Berry knew what the hell he was doing????Keeping that disastrous special teams guy on ,after the first year, and his abilities were in question was just brutal....Anyway....I hope Mike Kelly can come in, take charge, and put the BigBlue back on track...There was a lot of talent ,on the field, this year ....but it never quite got put together...I've got a great feeling about Kelly (if in fact he'll be the guy :wink: )..He's the only one i can think of to top Hall at the moment as coach...We could be in for a good run under his leadership...Sound football guy....Looking forward to his decisions on the fa's, on who we should keep and not...goBigBlue.. :rockin:

whoa cowboy, slow down a minute .... I never called Dinwiddie a starter, i just said he should start next year and have Randall learn quick and have Randall our QB of the furure. I said Dinwiddie should start, doesn't mean i said "He Is A Starter", but hell anyone is better than Glenn even Dinwiddie.

i agree papa .... see my new post about our qb's in 2009, should be a hot topic!!

well i can agree that dinwiddie can start. but so can randall and chang. at the current situation none of them can be told they are starting. they are all good enough to start. the guy who starts is the guy who wants it more. works harder in the offseason in every aspect of his game, just look at burris this year. then come out to camp battling for number 1 and outright shine above. if that so happens to be ryan well i will support him from the stands.