The tittle is self explaining. I want to see the PR machine get outta this one.
Disappointing to say the least. The only bright spots, Chang, Ralph and Jessie.

DISIPLINE boys DISIPLINE !!! frustrating all around.

Waiting to hear the sonic boom of the bandwagon getting a little lighter.

We don't have Frank Kush back as coach.

Ralph is garbage. One highlight reel catch last year. Big deal.

The beer was warm
the coffee was cold
the hotdogs were cat flavoured
it was too hot
the Cats didnt score a TD
the sun was in our eyes
my shorts are in a knot
my panties are in a bunch

blah blah blah blah

get it out people!

$7.75 for a beer?


We were whipped by a far better team.

Rebuilding is what it is. At this point, it's Chang Time. The growing pains will hurt, but Maas can't get it done at this point as the starter.

I like how bob said we will win ALOT of games this season in one of the interviews, cant wait to see that happen, but i guess that doesnt matter as long as they are making money and the stadium is selling out.

$7.75 for a beer!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!???

Ti-cats Centre is a very bad snapper.

No Cheron or Hudson
Too many penalties
Toronto paid off the Refs

Theme for this game: "Setta and the jets"

Not too many other highlights.

Surely you jest. You think Brock had a good game? He had his usual mediocre game--nothing more. Jessie didn't do much either but he's not entirely to blame--lousy O-line blocking most of the time. Chang did what he could under the circumstances. I'd like to see him get the 1st team practice reps this week and start the next game. Actually, I'd take an "anyone but Maas" position now. For whatever reason, he can't get it done anymore.

Anyway,I'm glad the Argos won but what a lousy game.

An Argo-Cat fan