Let the excuses begin!!!!!!!!

I watched the game while attending a wedding, Booris played well just like he is capable of, Riders are hurting bad and played a bad game, but Calgary gets full marks for the win, I think the Injuries just caught up with them and Greene is not a quarterback you want for big come from behinds.

There was alot of hype in this game I loved it, T shirts and all, makes for another good rivalry.

Riders are still a good team and still capable of beating anyone just like the Peg did to Montreal, and it all really comes down to who has what it takes down the Home stretch, no matter what blathering idiots like saskargo say

I think he said he was from saskatchewan in an earlier post. Either way you got it right :wink: jk

but a great game for those BOMBERS…look at the two quarterbacks that won this weekend Glenn, and Hank,
There was a time when we had all 3 …sort of like the Casey Jason thing…come on BC let him grow …send him to the CATS.

ahh then even worse, he CHOOSES to be an argo fan, so I guess he wishes he was from Toronto and is trying to earn his Torontonian status

Riders will return to glory!!!!!!!!!

This is the weekend where Winnipeg upsets Montreal, Hamilton just about stuns the BC pussycats and the Stamps put a licking on my Riders. In the CFL, everyone, anyone can defeat anyone on a given day. Saskargo- your argodumbnuts should know this- they got pulverized several times last year but came through in the playoffs. The way it works ladies and laddies is MAKE THE PLAYOFFS PERIOD. THEN A NEW SEASON BEGINS. Ever hear about the tortoise and the hare???????????? Just ask edmonton what happened last year in the playoffs!!! The Riders played awful and the Riders will return, but, be assured Rider Pride will always be there. So, my friend Saskargo, don't count on your senior citizens (Damon Allen) before they croak !!!!!!!!!!!!

Peace and love from the nation's football centre--Saskatchewan

Hmm pretty well what I said Turkey, its the home stretch that counts, look at Montreal last year and how they spiralled down at the wrong end of the season, I think Ottawa is gonna surprise alot of people

Hey westcoastexpress you retard,
First of all I'm not a he.I'm a she.
I live in Edmonton.I was born and raised in Saskatchewan.I love Saskatchewan.I love the people there too. I like some rider fans.However I sure like bugging the hell out of them!!!!.

I was afraid SKARGO that you had mellowed over the winter, I can now see that your still the same old smart a$$ you were last year, still suffering from that swollen head state most edmontonians suffer from, but before you throw to many verbal jabs at rider fans, you should check out your not so great ARGOS, they lucked out against SK, other wise they would really look bad, and I'm disappointed that you are slowly becoming an ESKs fan, does this mean your leaving the stinkin (i mean sinkin) ship in sky dump? (Oh I'm sorry the mister Rodgers play pen.)

Turkeybend said it best.
Take my Als for example
2003 13-5 lose the Grey Cup
2004 14-4 lose the Eastern Final

Right now all that matters is getting to the playoffs

There really is no excuses for the loss. From the first play the Stamps just kicked our @$$es. It didn't help with the injuries but that is never a great excuse. IMO, the Riders are still one of the best in the league with all of their starters.


This is exactly why I have asked fellow Rider fans to stop the "Grey Cup" predictions.
They have not beat any team that is even close to good.
Oh but of course we Rider fans won't admit they sucked tonight, we'll blame the refs, injuries, whatever.
Riders are nowhere near as good as last year, a year older, a year slower and still lousy coaches!!

Shivers should be fired for letting personal things get in the way of signing Burris.


further proof that Nealon can't cut it. The offense is designed specifically for him. Short dinky passes do not cut it in the CFL. The system inflates his quarterback rating and hides his shortcomings on accuracy on medium/long distance passes.


The Stamps deserved the win,but that field goal at the end was rubbing salt in the wounds...remeber Higgins what goes around comes around! I seem to recall an Eskimo team that cryed foul when this happened awhile back.Smile for now Hank but we all remember how inconsistent you can be..savour it Stamps...for now....


We need video replay!! that first fumble was NOT a fumble, Nealon was shocked they called it a fumbel that why he did not argue!! would have changed the out momentum and possibly the game. calagary offence line was holding all night how else could you explain the big holes in the best run defence. calgary are cheaters. BUt even still Danny has to go he is bad coach, he looked lost on the side lines no emotion at all he should have been able to get our guys motivated. I don;t like Henery anymore, can't wait until rematch we will destroy the stamps.

Keep the excuses coming!

Saskargo, despite crossing the line once in a blue moon, is quite compassionate and very knowledgeable about the CFL. Last year she was at or near the top of Big Dave's weekly prediction contest. Enough of the sentimental stuff. Here is a song dedicated to you Saskargo. I know someday before you depart you will return to your roots and root for the Riders again!! The song is sung to the Beatles tune "When I'm 64"

Argos are older
losing their hair
wheezing all the time
chasing punts down the line,
bodies creaking
just like mine,
Damon's bedtime
is quarter to nine,
heatpad on his knee,
Argos are older
not getting bolder
Damon's 43!

Every summer getting tickets
for the dome with some sky,
we shall scrimp and save,
Geriatrics at the helm,
Damon and Mike O'Shea

Argos are older
not getting bolder
cannot be saved!
Argos are older weight
on their shoulders
closer to the grave!!!!

Rider Rule

Dentor, even if you are a Riders fan, you're in my good books ... weddings suck, but football kicks ass. Last wedding I was at, there was a saskatchewan-vs-someone game on the TV in the lobby, so I just watched that. Made it go a LOT quicker, that's for sure! Good choice my friend ... you have good taste.

Granted, if it was your wedding, your wife may not be too pleased :wink:

Looks like about 73% of the fans voted Nealon Greene over Burris in the TSN poll that asked which QB you would rather have. I voted for Burris who can throw short and long balls. I have a feeling most of that 73% were Riders fans. But that's okay because you need to support the guy you've got, not the one you let get away. PS. Go Leos.......undefeated. 8)

EVERYTHING IS SLOWLY DRAWING INTO PERSPECTIVE.....like alot of people thought the west is gonna be tough....Lions look like winners right now .....as for the rest of the pack ....it's really going to get tighter...with WPG. coming on...CAL.....getting their game together.....EDM. and SASK......returning to the real world.....now it's going to get interesting..... :wink:

Lol ...no it wasnt my Wedding, But my wifey was out head hunting.. she wasnt too pleased that i was watching the football game, but being the stinker that it was, I spent the rest of the night on the Dance Floor doing the Conga line through the lobby and bar :slight_smile:

Red & White 2005, you forgot to point out that Sask ran the score up on Calgary last year sparking some " Extra curricular activity"

Ah yes, the excuses have started. Blaming the refs for the holding and the fumble...Blah, blah , blah.

Sask Argo, you should have done your points in poll form. It would have been interesting to see how they tallied up at the end!

I'm resurrecting this thread because I believe Rider fans deserve one distinctive place to put all their excuses.

So, why the poor performance by the Riders of late?

Is it Barrett? Shivers? Nealon? Ritchie's defense? Injuries?

Please enlighten the rest of us.

You forgot Referee’s…Did you see Bud Steen throw that 20 yard pass to the Line Judge? Can’t forget about them.

turkeybend...............that is very good..........very funny.