Let the excuses begin!!!!!!!!

Congrats to the stamps.
You sure kicked some a$$ tonight.
You guys showed how good the riders really are.
Riders you guys suck.
It only gets worse.
What is the excuses.All last year you had one for every loss.
Was it the injuries?Good teams win with injuries.
Was it he Q.B.?Wait a minute the real Q.B. is in Calary.
Was it your running game?I thought you had the best running game.
Was it you Kicker?tell him to keep his chin up.That is right Paul doesn't have a chin.
Face facts riders you are a bad team!!!!

I'll start by saying that I refuse to make excuses for Saskatchewan. The Riders aren't a bad team - they had a horrible game. Burris finally came through - just like I said he would. I hope this is a huge wakeup call for my Riders, but I doubt it. They completely underestimated Calgary's abilities. They'll likely try to coast through next week vs. Ottawa, too, and if they do, they'll look at a loss there as well.

Excellent work, Calgary!

Piss off!! :slight_smile:

You got that rider pride!!!!

For the record that said p i s s, not the other four letter word I assume you assume it was.

Go Riders!!

That #1 run defense for the Riders really put on a clinic tonight.

just a bad game for sask.

I'll put things in a different light, saskargo. Excuses imply that we deserved to win, and I don't think there's anyone that can argue that Sask deserved to win that game. Calgary played great.
The real question is, what do the Riders have to do to improve and show that this was just an anomaly, and not something to expect regularly? I see a few just off the top of my head:

  1. Greene has to learn to complete the deep ball. He's got the short game going well, but unless he can have at least occassional success throwing deep (none yet this year), teams can just key on the short stuff and running game.
  2. Defense has to make key plays. Do other teams drop as many interceptions as Sask does? It doesn't feel like it, but I never watch them as closely, so I don't know. Especially early in the game, if the dropped interception is made, momentum changes, Burris's confidence is shaken. Might not have been enough on a night like tonight, but what about the Toronto game?
  3. Offense puts drives together. Most weeks they have done fairly well, this week they didn't. The defense didn't play great, but when they're on the field so much, it's hard to make plays!

There's probably lots more, but those are a few of the things they need to change for next week.

By the way, one game (no matter how bad it was - and this one was bad!) never shows how good any team really is. Consistency does. I think BigDave made the comment at one point (it might have been someone else, though) that you can't really make judgments on the teams until at least half way through the season. If the Riders are consistently losing games at that point, then I'll agree that they're not very good. Until then, I'm not going too far one way or the other.

They didn't have that bad of a game, dropped balls sure but not too many turnovers... That number one rush defense didn't look like a #1... I guess the injuries are catching up... Especially without big Nate Davis. The only problem was that they didn't put some points on the board when they had the chance. Calgary looked real good tonight. The O-line looks like one of the best in the league and their defence really pulled together. In my opinion they just outplayed the riders lol. (I really enjoyed it) :lol:.

This weekend, the west just got even better and at the end of the season things are going to be very interesting.

I can't wait for Labour Day!!! I'm heading down there with some friends and family so hopefully we get a good show like we always do when the Esks/Stamps meet.

And THANK YOU STAMPS for putting the riders behind the Esks........................... this is the only time of the year where I cheer for the Stamps so thanks for making my day. Imagine if BC would of also lost :o...
I guess they'll have to suffer their 1st loss against the Eskies.


Greenngrey,I have seen this all my life.Riders don't have what it takes.Edmonton,and B.C. will destroy Riders in the playoffs.
There is no way either of those teams would lose to ANYONE in this league.

I know. I've seen it my whole life too. One Grey Cup since I was born ('78). I've often wondered how it is that one team can always be so mediocre. We change coaches, change players, change everything and still can't win. You'd think the law of averages would eventually kick in.
The only thing that does happen fairly consistently is that the Riders surprise at least one team in the playoffs (often Edmonton). Not always, and never enough to win (except '89, of course), but just enough to get everyone's hopes up.
Sigh. I understand Kermit the Frog now. "It ain't easy being green."

Lets just wait until some of the injured players get back into the lineup. Nate is a HUGE part of the Riders team and his presence is always felt by any team. Both series I believe are going to be spilt with wins at home.

What excuses, they lost to a better team tonight. The defense couldnt have stopped my jaywalking grandmother. Oh yeah ASSargo It must be hard to squegee a car window and type at the same time, isn't it?

Go lions

Ha ha. That first line is supposed to give my birth year - 1978. Apparently 8 and ) make the "cool" smiley.

What excuses, they lost to a better team tonight. The defense couldnt have stopped my jaywalking grandmother. Oh yeah ASSargo It must be hard to squegee a car window and type at the same time, isn’t it?

Go lions

Thanks JM02 good post! There is nothing wrong with the Riders. They just had a bad game and there may be more who knows. But you are right Ottawa is not a bad football team. Who ever started the Burris Sucks thing keep it up our team had fun with it.

No, I have problem typing,while I watch my 2004 collectors grey cup Dvd.
Do you have yours yet Sixpack?
Hey I would like to say see you in November.However your not a Edmonton fan!!!!

Okay, I don't know about anybody else, but I'm kind of amused by the thought of a grandmother dodging tacklers in full uniform while crossing the street. Not in real life, of course, but in a sitcom or something....

im new here but already i can tell u really like ticking people off dont u saskargo?

he's from Toronto, being an a$$ comes with the territory