Let The Excuses Begin In Hamilton

First of all i have been reading topics about the game on both the Bombers and Cats forums and i have to say that Hamilton fans have the worst excuses in the world. Face it Cat fans you got you a$$es kicked, straight up.

It was not because Jimenez is injured --- Please if your GM cannot have a reliable backup at any position, he is not that great of a GM.

It was not because the Cats did not know what the Bombers would bring regarding the plays ---- Look you faced us in preseason and your coaches and staff should have studied the formations, our coaching staff did there homework and we were in the same situation anyways, we didn't know what the Cats would bring and we still owned you.

Simple As That ---- You have just witnessed the Kevin Glenn of old and Greg Marshall's highly predictable defense, same as we had here. I have said it all off season that these 2 facts would bite the Cats in the A$$. Glenn could not move the ball most of the game and is starting slow out of the gate (like i said he does) and don't expect him to be your hero because now his confidence is down and that is when he is at his worst.

Lets see here:
Kevin Glenn VS Buck Pierce
Glenn's stats ---- 15/30, 197 passing yards, 22 Rushing Yards, 1 TD, 1 INT and 1 Fumble
Bucks Stats ------ 17/25, 291 passing yards, 89 rushing yards, 2 TD, 0 INT and one Rushing TD

AND THE WINNER IS!! :rockin:

What about the rushing game
Cobb Rushing Yards ---- 22
Reid ---------------------- 98

Where is KK now?

How about the recievers ----- Where was Bruce, oh yeah well covered all night and did Mann even play? no stats!!
Edwards had 191 Yards recieving and Buck and Edwards burned you all night!!!

Defense ---- Bombers had 6 sacks, Cats had 4 sacks ---- Glenn had pressure on him all game, Buck had time 95% of the time and that means our OLINE was better and Our DLINE and Secondary was better.


Actually they corrected the stats to award Hunt another sack so the total was 7 sacks for the Bombers.

That's a heck of a start to the season for the front 7! :thup:

meh... I'm done arguing. We'll see you in week 3. :thup:

Might as well not play anymore games just hand the Bombers the Grey Cup, nice to know Hamilton isn't the only city with mental midgets :thdn:


I like your sign, just a hot humid day in Hamilton just thought I would do a little trolling. Good luck to the Bombers :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

They are in a fowl mood over at the TiCat forum.

I tried to point out that 3 of the sacks came off Rottier's side but that the other 4 came from the interior, and that poor Rottier wasn't the only weak link on that line. They didn't like that news. :lol:

LOL...and who could blame them??? They thought poor Rottier was their only problem.

Interesting to read at the Scratching Post that Rottier is still practicing as first team tackle. Maybe not so interesting...he needs the practice... :wink:

So let me get this straight. We gave up 7 sacks on Friday night. No excuse for that. We need to do better. But let's analyze for a second.

3 of those 7 sacks were Rottier breaking down. He's basically a rookie. Had a bad game. But you say the rest of our O-line was crap as well, because they gave up the other 4 sacks.
the Bombers gave up 4 sacks on the night.

So the rest of our offensive line is about on par with your offensive line. Who knows? Stick Jimenez in there if he wasn't injured and our entire O-line may be right on par with you guys.

And you're saying the rest of our O-line is crap because they gave up 4 sacks... :?

That's some interesting logic you have there...here's some more for you...

Your oline gave up almost twice as many sacks as our...ergo, our oline is nearly twice as good as yours... :wink:

ps...Rottier may be 'basically a rookie', but so what? We have two rookies on our oline. Anyway...I'm done with the 'Cats and their excuses for now...that's last weeks news.

On to the Argos!

Not an excuse. I love how Bomber fans think Ticat fans are making excuses. There's a difference between making excuses and pointing out the reasons we lost.

We lost because:

  1. Our weak O-line, particularly Simeon Rottier at RT
  2. Justin Palardy's inexperience
    3)Hamilton's secondary, particularly Jason Shivers and Sandy Beveridge

Those are the 3 big things. Our D-line played alright but not spectacular... but not the reason we lost. KG was ineffective, but also had no time to throw. Cobb was ineffective, but again... O-line problems.

To say Ticats lost because they just sucked all the way around is just not sensible (but who said Bomber fans are sensible). In every loss, there are 2-3 key areas in which a team loses a game. Those are Hamilton's 3 areas. Unfortunately, O-line is a big area, b/c an offense is only as successful as the Oline. We do tend to focus on Rottier, because he was the worst one on the line, and it was noticeable. The other guys are experienced veterans, so we tend to give them the benefit of the doubt, hopefully just a bad night, etc...

It is also natural to point out possible psychological issues going into the game (anyone who has taken a sport psychology course would agree, it's a big issue in sport). Perhaps Hamilton came in overconfident, with the first-game jitters, etc...

An excuse is when somebody says 'we lost because of this call' or 'we don't play good in that weather' or 'insert name here was playing dirty'. Those are excuses. When Ticat fans are simply pointing out what went wrong with the game, we are not making excuses.

Winnipeg was the better team on that night. We were outplayed in many facets, but particularly the 3 listed above. Those are 3 biggest reasons we lost.

I can't wait to see what 'Peggers say after their first loss. Will they give reasons for the loss... or give excuses?

How about…

We lost because of Rottier? Or we lost because of psychological reasons? Or we lost because of Beveridge and Shivers? Or We didn’t know what to expect from the Bombers? We were the leagues guinea-pigs? Or we lost because Kevin Glenn was ineffective?

Paint it however you want, man…

Bring on the Argos…

[quote="Kubie"]How about...

We lost because of Rottier? Or we lost because of psychological reasons? Or we lost because of Beveridge and Shivers? Or We didn't know what to expect from the Bombers? We were the leagues guinea-pigs? Or we lost because Kevin Glenn was ineffective?

Paint it however you want, man...

Bring on the Argos...[

OK, can't wait to see what you come up with.

My guess? dirty hits or penalty. Bummer fans always whine about that.

Catsfan, you hit the nail on the head with your last post.

I just thought Rottier was taking too much of the blame for the oline, and pointed out that there were 4 other sacks not on him.

And yes, 4 sacks is too many for my liking, the Bombers need to get that number down or Buck is going to get killed.

:roll: Good one... :thup:

Thanks :thup: :rockin:


Good luck with the Stamps...see if you can give up fewer than 7 sacks this week. I don't wanna hear anymore whining about how crappy your oline is....

When are you Cat fans going to realize that with Glenn as your QB and Marshall's predictable defense you are not going to be as good as you think they are, LaPo exposed Marshall's defense and i am sure other teams are looking at the same thing. But keep dreaming because matching or beating last years 9-9 record will be a very tough task for The Cats.