Let the Casey Printers rumours run wild.

CKNW reported this morning that Casey Printers will be in the stands watching the Western Final on Sunday. Since Trent Green is back for KC, Printers has been put back on the practice roster.

So here we go again with the media being "whipped" into a freenzy! Everyone Casey says good morning to will be turned into another rumour of "signing " next year to be the starting Quarterback.

Let the rumours begin!

Maybe the Lions should dress and play in the West Final. Apparently he is good.

YES!!!!...i can't wait to see casey back in the CFL!!

I guess it's not enough that Casey poisoned the team last year. He has to do some more meddling because it's clear that this selfish, immature little boy just can't stand to see the Lions succeed after having made the right decisions all along.

Casey you baby, go home, we don't need you.

We'll take this baby here in Steeltown if he can get us to the promised land.

I think that you have the QB you need in Hamilton - just the wrong mix of coaches and supporting players. If you had Jason Maas and baby Casey on the same roster, you have the same issues as the Lions had - and they probably wouldn't be brought on by Maas.

Casey is not a team player.

thats why u DONT have printers and maas on the same roster..the moment u sign printers, u CUT maas.

Anyways, the way Damon Huard handled the Chiefs in Trent Green absence assures Printers will not even get a look should Green go back down.

I’m not even sure if Herman Edwards won’t make Huard his official starter before the end of the season.

Well he said "when Trent's healthy, he is our starter"

I dont agree with it tho. Damon Huard has the team on a roll...

Doubtful if Printers would be available to the CFL next season because he is under contract to Kansas. If Printers attends the west final, perhaps he is on vacation? Afterall, Printers has friends in BC which is almost like a second home.

...Printers can ask for his release from K.C....ala Ricky Ray.....they might not give it to him...but i can't see them holding him back if he has a lucrative contract waiting for him in the CFL.....and i would venture to say there will be a few trying to ink Casey....and the Bombers will be right in there bidding...According to some of the Bomber insiders....we are well under the cap...and should have some heavy coin to lay out for a good qb.... :thup: :wink:

Printers would be a good fit in Winnipeg.

The teams listed that CKNW were churning the rumour mills around were Toronto, Hamilton Calgary and Winnipeg.

There you go Papa, that dream back in April may come true!

...if we were ever able to get Caseys services....you can dial us in as ...A VERY SOLID CONTENDER......( papa says... as he keeps dreamin)' :lol: :smiley:

lol, we'd probly have arguably the best QB tandem in the league. aside from BC of coarse if the keep Dickenson. Dickenson and Pierce are probably better then Printers and Glenn. and if some people dont think so, jariou jackson is better then banks, although banks is improving. he showed us he can score through the air against BC. he may be taking a long time to learn the system, but hes learning it.

anyone find an article on this story yet?...i'd like to read something with detail.

No print article yet DG. Rick Dhaliwahl broadcasted it on the 8:15am sports (CKNW radio).

i checked the cknw website, and they dont even have the story up...idiots!

I'll keep my eyes peeled. I usually go into town and grab the Province newspaper, so I'll see if anything comes up tomorrow.

I dont think hell be back in the CFL anytime soon. He is gonna stick around with the Chiefs if he can. I think Trent Green will retire after this year anyways... Then he would be 3rd stringer all the time.