Let The 2011 Tryouts Begin

I really do not know where to begin but i can say that we have to start looking at player's for next year, this team still needs work. Last week the show up and play up to promise and then they return and lay another stinker, time to make some moves towards 2011.

---- Offensive Play Calling ---- Why did the Coaches only call 4 plays of over the top football? Dumb passing 4-5 yards on most plays and running an unproven FB one 3RD and 2 was just plain stupid, kick the FG and your down by 1 (a rouge), dumb playcalling.

---- Jyles is still learning to be a starting QB, made alot of bad reads but not all his fault this game (see next)

---- Reciever's did not create any seperation with the exception of Edwards, Reciever's did not get open enough therefore making Jyles scramble and gaining very little yardage if any!!

---- Bowman ---- I gave AB the benefit of the doubt, but fact is he has crapped the bed in more games than games he showed up, need to look at replacing him now, too many costly drops in too many games. Trade him or release him as he is clearly crapping the bed more than making plays. Two bad games and then one good game does not cut it in the CFL, maybe bring in a Preshae Rodriguez or make a move for a Kelly Campbell. Many last week forgot about Bowmans drops, but fact is he plays two crap games and then has a good game and everyone then forgets the games he cost us!! I have no patience for Bowman anymore.

Hopefully 2011 will be a better year!! Now making a move with 7 games is highly unlikely because the player's have to learn the playbook etc. etc. but moves need to be made period!!

Interesting Lapo has stated that the ratio is an issue when it comes to playing Bernard BUT yet he managed to get Garrett in for a running play, now he had a good run and i think Garrett could be a great pickup but this tells me that Lapo has no intentions of using Bernard, so why is he here.

Package Bernard and Bowman in a deal, one guy that lapo will NOT play and one guy who doesn`t make plays when needed, i am sure we can get something for the 2 of them!!

....IF there's a trade...it better be player(s) for player(s)....NO draft pics....I think the esks. and possibly the leos would/could be interested in shaking things up.....otherwise it's wait and see for next year and see who pops up in fa...This race to the bottom ...esks. leos, and us is getting very boring... :stuck_out_tongue:

No need to gut the team but if we can get something for Bernard, A.Bowman to start i say DO IT!!

Mack should be on the phone with Tillman or Wally right now!!

They gutted the defence, too bad they didn't do the same with the offence, now the process is going to take that much longer.

The conservative play calling has a lot to do with it too, even Bryant and Franklin were handicapped by it last year. It's no different this year when you don't push the ball downfield enough.

Here is an idea for next week:

If TJH comes back than that would be great but i think the BB’S should take a look at Greg Carr next week especially if they don’t move Bowman, sit him and give Carr a shot it would not hurt, he couldn’t drop more passes than Bowman, can he? :roll:

Bowman & Ralph need to grab some pine or be out right given their releases. Both are just too inconsistent to be in the starting group.

Mack needs to find an Owens type of receiver/punt returner, hello Titus Ryan, if we can convince him to come back.

Then a starting group of Edwards, Harris, Davis, Reid, Garrett, Ryan & Hargreaves would at least give you some consistency and dynamic play making ability.

They are pretty close to getting it turned around but as long as the dropsie twins are in there we will continue to sputter.

Here’s my prediction.Bombers release Ralph.Bauman walks away from the Ticats to sign with his hometown team.Ralph returns to the Tiger-Cats to take over Bauman’s catch if or when you feel like it role :lol:

I jest, I mean can you believe he actually did something on Saturday night? Check it out!


It will be hard to get rid of Ralph being a Canadian unless one of two things happen:

  1. Cory Watson steps up and shows he can play in the CFL when he is healthy.
  2. We get a Canadian Reciever through trade wich is highly unlikely at least until FA.

Like it or not Ralph is probably our best Canadian Reciever but i still believe Hargreaves if given more opportunity can beetter than Ralph and better than most give him credit for, every catch he has made this season have been tough catches and mostly in traffic. This Sunday was a horrible display of play calling, Davis 1 catch, Hargreaves 0 catches and the ball was thrown to Bowman and Edwards all game long, too predictable!!

I would like to see what McHenry and Carr can do as well, Bowman had to many opportunities and is still dropping easy passes and i hope they give someone else a shot in his place sooner than later. Not only the drops but running the wrong routes and quitting on plays are also part of the problem, sure he gains YAC IF he catches the ball but this season it’s been a big IF most games and it’s to the point where he needs to ride the pine, maybe another reciever will step in and surprise.

Either way it’s up to the coaches to shake things up and riding the same reciever’s all year is not going to do it, things need to be shook up now, not 5-6-7 games from now. I also agree on talking to Titus Ryan and his agent again, he is a reciever that we cannot just let walk out the door in February when he is due to be a FA. Mack and Lapo have to pull the nice guy tails from between there legs and make this recieving group better already before it’s too late!!