But there has been a sea change in how they review it too this year. Really basically - if you grab, turn or do something that prevents the guy from catching the ball - penalty.

As for when - they are watching it in real time and not going frame by frame to see if the guy got there 1/100th of a second early. Also they need CLEAR evidence it was a missed call this year.

There have been a lot less overturned calls this year than previous years. I think when they show the replay, you can tell if they will overturn the call or not, pretty much 100 percent.
If there's anything they need to address its what hand fighting is. That's where they could make it simple. Did he have ability to get both hands on the ball? Then it was hand fighting, not PI.

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Everyone says that until an non-call costs their team

..and make it clear to fans what is and what isn't and why. Do rules school on the pregame.....do one simple thing every pregame. this is good, this is bad, this is why it was called a penalty.....

That would help with attracting fans too. The game makes little sense when you don't know the rules....

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The Edm Ssk game was a perfect example of the consequences of bad Pi calls. Refs knew they made a very bad Pi call which cost a TD. They evened it up by messing a fumble turnover by Edm on the Riders goal line.