ok the current pass interference officiating and rules are my biggest complaint with CFL play right now. i’m sick of phantom calls that are hand fighting and i like seeing guys fight for the ball on equal terms if it’s there. call the obvious yes, but FFS let them play. and the ones that lead to a one yard QB gimme sneak TD piss me off the most.

thoughts? solutions? alternatives?


Call it the way they do in the NFL. Much better than the way it's done here.

i’m not a big NFL fan so i’m not entirely clear on their rules around PI. can you elaborate a bit?

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I'm not a fan of the current PI rule either but I don't have any solutions

Rule is basically the same, but they interpret it differently.

Ball in the air is considered more or less "free", and both defender and receiver are allowed to play for it. Hand fighting is ok as long as no one stops the other from reaching for the ball. Screening the opponent's face and playing the person instead of the ball is flagged. Uncatchable balls are not flagged.

They make the receivers actually make the play.


yea see that makes sense and how it should be. thank you for explaining.

my only real reason for not following NFL is mostly a time thing. i am avid CFL and NHL fan and it’s hard to watch all and keep track. NFL has so many teams and players and i like the details, and being able to watch and follow all teams in the league, which seems impossible to do with NFL. i’ve tried and i get overwhelmed lol.

i do watch some games, like that amazing Bills-Chargers game. unreal.

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Part of the game....sometimes an infuriating part.
Video review has made it a bit fairer.

I dont know why they even have to hand fight. Never had any problem covering guys in flag/tag football with zero contact.

What bugs me is the if both players are running almost side by side and then the pass is going on the other side of the DB and the REceiver turns to go for the ball and runs over the DB or collides with him, then the DB gets the penalty, if there is any, and often is.

They call it that way because the CFL is convinced that more points equals more excitement, and they are determined to make scoring easier, even if it takes a ton of flags and ruins games to get there.

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yea. yet interrupting the flow of the game with flags and not giving defenders a chance is entertaining. it’s absurd.

On this we agree

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oh im sure we agree on a lot more than that. good, informed passionate fans usually do, despite whatever their team allegiances or other opinions may be.

I would love to see PI not something that cannot be challenged. Even if it's correct, just one thing that hurts the flow of the game. Human error is part of it.

But I do agree with the interpretation difference on when to call it.

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Yeah but you like the Lions, so I have to dock you points for that...

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i don’t need points so can have them all.

i respect other team fans as much as my own, except when their douchebags, but that goes for fans of my team too. more than anything i am a fan of the CFL and all of teams’ success - it’s good for the league and we need it, just like we need passionate fans for all teams.


It has, somewhat. But at what cost? Ratings have declined pretty steadily since it was introduced.

Plus, about half the time that calls are reviewed, fans and TSN announcers are not convinced they got it correct. So not only does it slow down the flow of the game, but it gives viewers long pauses to stew about how flawed the officiating is.

I don't think challenges and reviews are creating the desired effect.

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What's with the all caps? Even a kindergarten student like myself knows that's rude.

don’t you have a convoy protest or marino fan club meeting you need to be at?

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The convoy protest was last night..

Marino fan club meeting is on Saturday

anyways so you going to actually contribute to this topic or just do you just try to troll threads as much as possible?

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