Let`s Raise a Glass

To the Als 2009 Grey Cup winning team - 10 years ago today. Great memories!

Jim Popp was on with Melnick this afternoon and he raised an interesting point. He wished Duval had made the 1st FG. This way we would be talking about the great Als comeback in the game, rather than the 13th man.

People always bring the 13th man up like it somehow invalidates the Cup win. A penalty is a penalty is a penalty. Doesn’t matter what it is or when it happens. Some penalties aren’t costly, some are. This was costly.

And yeah, non-Als fans never seem to remember how brilliantly the team rallied in the second half to put themselves in a position to win on that last-second field goal. Long drives, third-down conversions (Richardson was a BEAST in the clutch), Cobourne getting in done on the ground and in the air, timely interceptions from the defense, and even AC running!

Yea. Its been a decade now. Time to focus on the win and play of the Als in the comeback. & forget about the penalty.
Now that will always haunt the Riders on that team that year.
But as Fans & media let it go.

Le fameux dernier jeu selon le point de vue des spectateurs

Les réactions sont incroyables XD

On a side note to this.
The Riders by far lead the CFL in Merchandise sales outa the Rider store.
Its A HUGE part of their revenue they bring in.

Recently tho, with so much player movement do to shorter contracts etc. Listening to Rider Radio Shows. Its become an issue with fans buying player jerseys. They are here today and gone tomorrow. But thats in every pro sports league in this era.

Now playing at Sask the fans make a huge difference. Fans in the CFL can often refer to such a thing as the 13th man meaning the fans.
NFL & NCAA the 13th man.

With so much player movement in these such leagues.
A great Merchandising Marketing idea would be for teams to sell #13 Jerseys. Dedicating that number to the fans. & not use or phase out any current player who wears number 13 until they leave said franchise.

But for the Riders the “13th Man” comes with a negative memory. For the Riders easpecially this could even bring their Merchandise to even a larger part of their revenue.

Teams across all leagues have White Outs etc. With fans givin white Team T shirts give away for such games.
The Riders could do the same with Green Tshirts for selected games that are rider Green sporting the number 13 to kick off such a promotion that woyld generate great revenue with Green & 13 Fan Jerseys.

A fantastic Grey Cup and win! One Johnny will never forget! :slight_smile:

Same, Johnny!

Some standout memories from that Grey Cup:

Jerald Brown’s interception that started our comeback.

Avon going 15 yards on a receiving play to the sideline as the urgency started to move.

A third-and-two where AC bought himself some time to find Richardson and move the chains.

Ben Cahoon with the two-point convert.

Etienne Boulay (I think?) recovering the Bratton punt-return fumble and keeping the game alive for us.

And Kavis Reed, ST coach for the Riders.

Oh yeah - THAT game.
13th man; ok yeah the Als won. -ish.
I know I’m not the only one who suspected Damon of pulling a Pete Rose in that game (I include the gobsmacked broadcast commentators).
From the downfield angle I watched, it was obvious that Duval was going to miss the 42yd FG attempt because when he lined the kick up before pacing it off, his head/gaze was at no point directed between the uprights. He didn’t ‘hook’ that kick: it arced in a lovely straight line exactly where he (mis-)placed it.
And prior to that, on the successful late-game punt fake, I’m curious to know just who Duval was eye-signalling to in morse - since all of his teammates had their backs to him, and the only audience for his twitchy telegraphing were the D line. And after the snap he staggered/lumbered/zombied Calvillo-style just past the first down marker. Too bad he fell down before he was able to engineer a fumble.
Yes, Mtl kept him for another year (investigating??)… although it sure seemed like the Als went for more third down gambles in 2010.