Let get King Kong MOSCA to WWE Hall of Fame

Okay everyone I Emailed WWE asking for them put Mosca in WWE Hall Of Fame

I am asking other to do the same .send your email to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnjL-asoFrA

King Kong Mosca - Pat Patterson - The Water Pitcher Angle


Angelo Mosca vs Victor Mercado including Pat Patterson


Ric Flair and Angelo Mosca vs Greg Valentine and Hussein Arab


as you can see He battled some of the greats in Wrestling
I love see Angelo get his WWE Hall Of Fame Ring Next year.

So I have to admit I've never followed wrestling, pro or amateur, in the pre-WWE days or since.

None the less I think this thread is a brilliant idea.

King Kong Mosca to the Wrestling Hall of Fame!!!

Thank you sir :slight_smile:

Selected by Pro Wrestling Illustrated as #308 of the Top 500 wrestlers of the PWI years (1979-2003).


[url=http://slam.canoe.com/Slam/Wrestling/ResultsArchive/Wrestlers/mosca.html]http://slam.canoe.com/Slam/Wrestling/Re ... mosca.html[/url]

Just a Reminder I am still Trying to get this done

Please Email or Call WWE and ask to Put Angelo Mosca in the WWE Hall Of Fame

WWE Hall of Fame is just a big joke. They don’t even take it seriously. For instance, Koko B. Ware is in but not Ray Stevens. They even had a perfect opportunity to induct Stevens this year because WrestleMania was in the Bay Area.

Still would nice to add Mosca to it

WWE changed so much now I Stopped watching when the F went to E Doubt Ang cares TBH