Let em Go

who keeps yelling that on punts

at who

for what reason

how long has this been happening

There are many mysteries in this world. This thread is one of them.

so, you dont know the answers then either.

Heck, I don't even get the questions!

It does help that you edited the original post to add "on punts" but I still don't get it. :frowning:

Listen closely as the punter kicks the ball, usually you can hear it.

It's the on field mikes catching the refs yelling at a player to let em go, i think its a sideline ref to the players trying to slow up a gunner by getting a hold on em.

Okay, heard it that time along with some commentary, “Up across.” The ref trying out for a commentator spot?

I remember seeing an article a few years ago explaining this, and it is definitely one of the officials, probably the referee. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the reason for it.

Or was that second shout, “Drop the [something]”, reminding another official to mark the spot where the ball was caught?

Its the on field official that yells it, I'm pretty sure it signals the switch from being the offense to defense, when the blockers become the blockee's so to speak. The punt team is blocking the punt team, until the ball is gone, and then the punt return team gets their turn to block.

It's the referees yelling out to tell the players to not hold

if players are holding, they should be throwing flags.

and which players, kicking or receiving?

You hear it all the time, so it has to be the refs.

Dusts answer seems to make sense to me.

I go away for a period of time and Wow, good second half I must say...Cool 38-36 B.C.
Edit: great finish to a great game...air it out to the B.C. five... and holly molly FG 39-38 Montreal final

^This. This exactly.

Dust has it right.

It's the same in hockey. A ref will tell the guys to keep the sticks down, or warn them that next time they do a certain thing, they will get called for it. I think it shows that the refs are allowing the player to play the game but at the same time the player know the refs are watching them.

That's it. Most of the players are too involved with the battle at the LoS to know when the offense and defense switch. The officials job is not just to throw flags, they also communicate with the players during the play. Let them know when they are close to crossing a line, when the play has moved on among other things. Officials do as much talking during the game as the players do.

Very fair question and good responses. I watch most CFL games both live and on TV but last night
was the first time I heard that, it caught my attention as well. Thanks for the answer…Oski Wee Wee

This was brought up a few years ago (in 2010). Its been a while, so rather than link, here's a cut and paste of the answer I posted back then....

D-Linemen are allowed to hold in order to fend off a block (as opposed to O-linemen, who are required to keep hands closed and may not hold)

This means that the receiving team's linemen MAY hold, until the ball is kicked. Once the ball is kicked, the receiving team now becomes the Returning Team, and holding is no longer allowed.

The officials yell "Let them go" as soon as the ball is kicked to warn the linemen that they have effectively changed from Defense to Offense.