"Let em go let em go"

Has anyone else noticed a guy saying "Let 'em go let 'em go" EVERY time a team punts or kicksoff on TSN? I remember this happening even like 5 years ago

It's the ref that says that, you'll hear them say something similar once the QB throws the ball as well.


D-Linemen are allowed to hold in order to fend off a block (as opposed to O-linemen, who are required to keep hands closed and may not hold)

This means that the receiving team's linemen MAY hold, until the ball is kicked. Once the ball is kicked, the receiving team now becomes the Returning Team, and holding is no longer allowed.

The officials yell "Let them go" as soon as the ball is kicked to warn the linemen that they have effectively changed from Defense to Offense.

Really? I've never heard that. Why?

Well said!

I think they yell "ball gone" or something to that effect once the QB releases the ball as well so the defenders don't hit him.

That makes sense. Especially if they call the "Roughing the Passer" rule real tight.

Though I've noticed they've loosened up on that a bit so far this year. It was getting ridiculous last year, as DMen couldn't change momentum and would still get called. Seems a bit more realistic this season.

Most of the hits I've seen on QBs so far this year have been good, clean tackles. So maybe the refs haven't had much to call.

Thats my point.

Last year, the clean hits were getting flagged

I thought it was a subliminal plea for the release of political prisoners everywhere.....

I thought it was a plea for o-line to stop holding.