I have always liked him, with the best arm in football, strong guy and the ability to run. His only down side apparently the inability to read defense. Well, that is something that comes with time.
A few years back when he started when Damon was injured, I recall he went I believe 4-2 or 5-3.
Now is the time to pass the batton over and let’s get a new QB in for the future. To see once and for all whether Bishop has it.
I believe he does as the mop up showed in the Calgary game.

The last 2 minutes of a blowout is not a fair test of his ability. Cal has the game in had and was relaxing for the final minutes of the game.

Agree, but it is some sort of a measuring stick.
Damon is 43 years old and there are times in games including tonight when he looks every bit of it.
It's time for our Argos to look at the long term history. A new QB has to be developed and for me, we have a guy with the ability to step in.

For a game that's totally in the other teams favor like tonight, I say sure, start him, but Allen is the best QB TO has, and didn't do that bad tonight (mind you, I only saw the 2nd half of the game).

....there's no way you start Bishop tonight....maybe he should have made an appearance sooner as the TO offense needed some spark and why risk DA in a game wher ethe outcome was more or less probable halfway through the third.....but start Bishop tonight? no, you go with you most senior man every time.......

Red we need a spark in our offense which has not scored a meaningful TD in two games.
For that very same reason, I would coach out of the box and start Bishop for the next game. Give him a quarter and if it does not work out then throw Damon off the bench and who knows while watching he may see something and do much better in relief.
Otherwise I am afraid the same two teams, the same match up and I am afraid the same result.

Argotom do you really think Bishop would be better! I do not think so I think the result would be similar. The recievers were covered all night long. Mitchell did not get a reception until the 4th quarter. Unless the receivers get open the result will be the same. Damon Allen is the real thing it was just the Calgary Defense played that well.

Possible, that certain teams match up better against the other. For that very same reason the Stamps are waiting or chomping at the bit to get to Damon.
That's why I would throw a curve, start Bishop and let him go one quarter.
Despite the press clippings, I have seen him play a few years back when Damon was injured, he looked good.
Maybe just what the doctor ordered.

Bishop is bunk, he has a strong arm but nothing else.

Did you see him tonight, every throw even in a mop up role was on the mark, with the receivers dropping the non cought balls.

Argotom I do not know if you knew this but a few of the second stringers were in late in the game to get some game time but hey if it is Bishop you would like in there bring him on! But to take out a hall of famer out of the game for a guy that has not played much go for it! But I think the result will be the same.

Yes, but we have to try something different next Saturday or you guys will again have your way with us.

Argotom that is not nice can you reword that! ha ha
Well hey I am for Bishop to start really because I think if the Calgary defense plays like they did tonight the result will be the same. The Argo receivers were the down fall tonight not getting open until the fourth quarter is not to good.

It certainly appears Red for the time being how the East is Least.
Both the Argos and Als better wake up soon.
Depending what happens tomorrow, maybe the Als will continue their slide. I would wager they will snap out of it big time.

I agree it seems since the Stamps beat them they have been in a bomber spin! If the Bombers beat them tomorrow there will be no end to those pesky bomber fans!

You know it! :lol:

Ah but I bought a case of bombs away it is pest remover at its best! :lol: