less than an hour to go before cut deadline

OK you experts

Who will be the famous "four" who will have to be let go unless the injury list spares them all. Eventhough only one trip onto the field for our new trainer, I'm sure there were some REAL bumps and bruises.

MB usually likes to do these nasty things in the am and get on with the year's team practices and so the word would have gotten released by now, or leaked to someone hear who can scoop 'em all.


The deadline has been pushed back to 4 p.m.


Drew Edwards. When you're on his blog look to the side where the twitter thing is.

I see it now. Don't look at twitter. Very unreliable

Like the Internet in general, it depends on the source. I watch Drew's tweets and trust him as I'm sure you do. There are other advantages like traffic reports. You don't have to wait for 'the ones' from 680 for example, you can just check their tweets.

Just seeing Drew's blog covers it for me. No interest in Twitter for any reason.

gone via cfl.ca

Xavier Brown – DE (C.W. Post)
George Kourtesiotis – DT (Wilfried Laurier)
Glenn Milner – RB (Central Missouri)
Morrice Richardson – DE (Notre Dame)
Pierre Singfield – DB (Arizona State)
Darren Toney – DB (Arkansas State)

No further updates yet

^Those are from Thursday.

Cuts are on Ticats.ca McDaniel and Grant on the injured list, Demonte Bolden gets cut, Matt Kirk on the 9 gm injured list

I know thats what CFL.ca stuck up at 4 pm