Less Than 1,000 Tickets Remain For Labour Day Classic

[url=http://ticats.ca/article/less-than-1-000-tickets-remain-for-labour-day-classic]http://ticats.ca/article/less-than-1-00 ... ay-classic[/url]

Just saw this on the front page of ticats.ca :smiley:
I cant wait till Kickoff, lets make sure everyone who shows up knows who the loudest fans in the CFL are!

Should be interesting...I hope theres 29000+. Ivor Wynne has great seating!

Got my tickets..... the blew team is in for some good ole HTD razzing... they are gonna hear it fro me!!

How many Argos fans is Lori Bursey bringing this year? Their numbers have dropped the past few years. Hope they have a good contingent there.

What was the attendance last year?
30,500 ish I believe?
and capacity is around 29,000 :lol:
wanna see that again.
GO CATS GO!!!!!!!!! :rockin: :rockin:

P.S. this goes to all Ticat fans.If there's only one game to be loud at per year, this is most definitely the one.The mid season playoff game :wink:

Will be the best game of the weekend I'm guessing.
Has one of these things mattered like this ever?
Should be a dandy.

You guys should pack that stadium.

ive got 10 ppl coming with me pre game party of pig on a bbq starts at 8 am then its GAME ON

OMG no highway ..no parking .... and little meager roads all around .... oh labor day is going to be a nightmare!!!!


WHOOPTY DOO sold tickets for 1 game... now if the fans bought tickets like that a little more often ..well never mind .. once a year big deal

just proves how little the so called fans care

Darn it, I wish I was good at math. Anyways, just imagine - 28,000 for Labour Day in an old stadium with magic markers used for seat numbers and some splintered benches etc., you get the point, crap parking, not the best area of town many say, so so access.

Ok, let me run this through the simulator. dddddddddddddddd - 40,000 maybe + in a new stadium (expanded for Labour Day game) in a better part of town with excellent parking, access, etc.

Oh, and 30,000 sold-out for every game. Then possibly keep the expanded capability on for every game if demand warrants it.


less than 500 now !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its a sell out baby! :rockin:

In reality there are still plenty good seats available, platinum too.

I think sellouts are considered 95% of capacity, not sure where I read that.

Was hoping to grab some but still waiting to see who all wants to go, guess it will be through kajiji... better get on it fast!

not sure who told you that...
I know someone who called in looking for tickets this morning and there weren't many available...
Im sure you can still get singles but good luck finding pairs.

CHML just announced the Labour Day game is officially sold out.

Should be a boisterous crowd :slight_smile:

I may have waited to long. Some guy in Box J is selling tickets for $150 each.. yikes... scalping for double the price? Ican't remember the last time i looked for tix and they werent below face. Nice to see the demand.

Juts went on ticketmaster, cannot get a pair.

Search for a best available single got me a box C seat for $100.

Tiger-cats should put extra seats in !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not really any place left for seats, I mean not any place with a view.

Im sure the could shoe horn in a couple thousand more $5-$10 seats but would barely let them break even maybe?

Would be cool.

East endzone on the ground, they were suppost to put tent there this year but i guess they didnt sell

Labour Day Classic is SOLD OUT !! : :thup: :rockin: