less browne

less browne as etiher devensive coach or head coach , any ideas? :thup: :thup: :thup:

this labour day is one for the ages :rockin: :rockin:

CFL refs everywhere will have to start wearing pads…

I sure do miss the man.

less browne...more lavender.

hmm...doesnt have the same ring as tastes great..less filling

In 2004 he was alienated because nobody would consider him for anything other than as a position coach.


Where is he now? I haven't been following his career.

I have mentioned this a few times where he is a local . I actually seen him at the last home game and I know he would love to coach our secondary !!!!!

Most Interceptions

87 - Less Browne (Three Teams)
66 - Larry Highbaugh (Edmonton)

Most Interceptions, One Season

15 - Al Brenner (Hamilton) 1972
14 - Less Browne (Winnipeg) 1990

Some People are Born Coaches
Then there Less Brown .. no no no

he dose not have the Temperament to be a good Coach ...

Hmmmmmmm Winnepeg thought so and they did very well ......

he’s got my vote

He' can be seen helping coach the minor football ticats regularly along with former ticats mitchell price and Jack Blair. And yes ask any refs in minor football and they'll tell you he has a good right hook

Or helmets with cages at least.