Les Receivers

Best article of training camp and its written by a dude in Dayton Beach, Florida... Crazy...

[url=http://www.news-journalonline.com/article/20140619/SPORTS/140619367/1001?p=1&tc=pg]http://www.news-journalonline.com/artic ... ?p=1&tc=pg[/url]

There will be difficult decisions when the final Receiver/KR cuts have to be made; barring injuries, I presently don't expect more than 2 players,amongst the followings, to be on active roster:Bo Bowling, Tyron Carrier,Preston Cleckley,Mardy Gilyard, Kenny Stafford and Larry Taylor.

I would not be surprised if players such as Tyron Carrier or Larry Taylor, Mardy Gilyard and Bo Bowling end up on 1 game injured list. Preston Cleckley could/should be on practice roster.

Interesting day tomorrow.


Merci de la référence, et félicitations de l’avoir trouvée!

Another crazy decision to keep deslaures. he is not a good receiver, he can not play special teams, He is not a strong good blocking receiver, and he is not a good route runner. Why is he still in the CFL.
Making the switch last season Graves is great athlete. Still learning the position but likely will be a teams player and likely will get out and block downfield

Je crois que les Alouettes ont estimé que Graves avait besoin d’une autre saison pour s’adapter à sa nouvelle position. Deslauriers ne coûte pas cher et il met beaucoup de bonne humeur dans le vestiaire. D’accord, son rôle premier est de se dégager et d’attraper des passes, ce qu’il fait plutôt moins que plus, mais avec Stala dans l’alignement, les Alouettes auront un meilleur actif sur qui tabler lorsqu’il s’agira de respecter le ratio.

Je suis un peu surpris que Popp n'ait pas fait un coucou à Ezra Millington, qui a été libéré par les Argonauts.

Barker lui avait soufflé lorsqu'il a eu sa déchirure au tissu de soutien de son rein, mais il avait montré de belles dispositions à Montréal.

Millington is an interesting case. While in Montreal Popp referred to him as a Gazelle.
Also what ever happend to 2013 late round draft pick Damone Blackman?
He was known for his blocking abilities at SMU and a potential teams player. Seemed like the kind of Canadian draft pick that would be a project as a receiver at the next level but did bring other assets to the table.

Watching Feoli Gudino tonight I was wondering why this Laval Quebecois was not with the Alouettes? He was drafted in 2013 by Toronto but played a fifth year at Laval before being earning a receiving position with the Argos. He has good speed and was a solid CIS receiver. With the weakness at Canadian receiver FG would have been a great French Canadian asset for the team.

Well Calgary just cut another Laval Receiver, Yannick Morin-Plant who was a 3rd round pick in 2013. He spent the first part of 2013 on the PR before returning to Laval for his 5th year.
On his way home Montreal should have gave him a look before he may make a stop in Ottawa

Would love to see us upgrade our Canadian depth but it seems like Deslauriers-Graves-Stala will be what the coaches go with in the short term, much to our collective chagrin. I like Graves, but the other two…arg.

But really, how much are they going to play with Green,London,Carter,Stafford,Giilyard,Bowling and Taylor on the roster. As long as we can dress five Olinesmen and we have Klassen,Brouillette,Edem and Lumbala. We don’t even need to play a Non Import receiver.

Gilyard isn’t going to dress. Stafford is on the bubble. But I take your point. I just feel bad for Kyle Graves. The kid has worked his tail off to transition to receiver and it would be a shame if he didn’t get a fair shot at playing.

Jamel failed his physical with the Argos...


In my mind its not that you “have to” but rather should.
Ive never understood Montreal’s reluctance to draft and develop a true Canadian receiver. they are a staple at this position for most champions.
Why dress an American as the 4th receiver. They are targeted perhaps 3-4 times a game, maybe and in and out of the lineup… If there was proper attention to this position with a Canadian, you could have full freedom to look for the best full time American player to take the place of a weaker link elsewhere.

And Calgary:

Vicki Hall @vickihallch · 11h
Can confirm Jamel Richardson underwent an MRI in Calgary today, but he is not joining the team at this time.

Hall is the Calgary Herald beat reporter.

I for one don`t see the necessity to emphasize having Canadian receivers. Unless you have a Cahoon or Fantusz your 4th International receiver is still going to be better than a National receiver is.

The Als philosophy has been to play Canadians on the 0-line and imports in the skill positions. If we played 2 imports on the o-line people would argue why aren`t we giving Nationals a chance on the o-line.

And we do have Graves who I have a feeling we will hear more from, as well as Andrew Smith.

Niagara mentioned Feoli-Gudino who did have a good game yesterday, but only one game, and then why did the Argos give up on him? And he`s Costa Rican not Quebecois, not that it should matter.

And how about Cory Watson? Great TD catch but then can`t complete the first half with what Suitor said is chronic hamstring problems. He was one of the receivers many felt should have been drafted by the Als before Matte. Excellent receiver that just cannot stay healthy.

Doesn’t sound like Popp will bother attempting to keep Carter after this season.
Why not at least offer him a fair contract and go from there instead of publicly writing him off the team?
Some players choose to stay in the CFL in favor of the NFL if a decent deal is offered.

POPP: "All I say is 'CFL, enjoy what you're watching because you'll be watching him in the NFL next season'

I agree with what Popp is doing. He knows Carter wants to try the NFL next year, so he isn't holding him back or trying to lock him into a contract that could lead to Chris Williams territory. It's in Carter's own best interest to have a good season this year, so we'll use him for now, and think about what to do if he leaves for the NFL in the offseason.

Carter and Williams are 2 different scenarios altogether.
Williams signed a 2+1 agreement although breached the option year of an ill-advised contract that paid similarly little upon the 3rd year.
Carter however, is in the option year of a 1+1 and in a better position to negotiate a significant contract extension including renegotiation of this season terms.

In other words, Carter may pull in $50,000 or so this season as his contract currently sits, although could hammer out a new deal as a top paid receiver in the league (approx $200,000) starting this year.
At that rate, Popp may be able to entice him to stay an extra year with the Als (through 2015) and then try the NFL, or even a long term deal with attractive bonuses and/or escalating salary compensation.

Carter may or may not not make it past the NFL PR level regardless, and the adage a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush does have merit in many a situation.

and as GM, Popp should be well versed in dangling carrots and not easily dismiss the opportunity to retain a top CFL talent for this team.

That's all true, but it's possible that Carter is adamant about playing out his final year and trying the NFL. The window of opportunity for catching on down south is short and I'm sure Carter knows that. We've never been a team to stand in the way of a guy wanting to test the NFL waters. I would like Carter for another year, as a fan, but I have to believe that if Carter were amenable to a one-year extension (with a substantial raise), it would have already happened...