Leos vs Larks Game Thread Thurs. Aug. 22 7:30PM ET

Lions at Alouettes (TSN)
Tonight at 7:30pm et/4:30pm pt

Lets see what Josh Neiswander can do against the Leos D tonight!

Things looking pretty slick out there with the rain showers in the area, leos having problems with ball control on their first drive....

Neiswander throws a pick on their first possession, following leos drive results in a 45 yard FG from McCallum

3-0 Leos

MTL gives up a safety as snap flies over Whyte’s head, Whyte kicks the ball out of the back of MTL’s endzone,

5-0 Leos

Looks like after the Cats win on Saurday we will be 2 full games ahead of 3rd place MontrealSucks and 3 full games ahead of 4th place BombersSuck
BC 12 MontrealSucks 0

BC now with a TD - 12-0 Leos. Keeping the Als offense stalled deep in their own end and have just got the ball back near mid-field. Als D coming up big though!

Lulay to Gore on the 18 yd TD strike,

12-0 Leos end of the first.....

9 starters out of the lineup on O and D for the larks today.....Tanner Marsh now in @ QB for the Larks.....Neiswander pulled for a series or two after a slow start

Defensive battle going on in Montreal! Looks like AC didn't show up to sit on the sidelines - was his choice.

Probably too cold and rainy to sit on the sidelines to watch the developing disaster by the larks :wink:

Tis meets up with Arcenaux keeping him short of a FD but McCallum just chucked the ball for a FD! :slight_smile:

That could be too although I thought it looked like the rain had stopped. Might also depend on how he is feeling today.

Poor Calvillo I guess, Raining again.....Wow big stop on third down by the larks there! Should have gone for the FG BC, oh well....

Looks like I was wrong about the rain - coming down in buckets now and Marsh is back in QB - and he fumbles BC with the ball back! :slight_smile:

Man, the als don't know if they're taking a poop or tying their shoes out there on O, Marsh Fumbles......their D has kept this from being a blowout already,

I can't remember seeing the als in this poor shape on offense in a long long time, very strange feeling and yes I know its raining....

McCallum hits one from 39 in a monsoon,

15-0 Leos

FG by McCallum puts them up 15-0. Looks like the game may be "slip sliding away" from the Als! :smiley:

Agree if not for the Als D the leos would be running away with this one. BUT Marsh just made a HUGE toss to #89! and another to #9 near the goal line!

Hmmm.... just turned it on and I'm seeing Marsh take apart the Leos. What game were the rest of you watching? :slight_smile:

Popp going for it on 3rd and goal! And Als with a TD - :expressionless: Stade Molson is going nuts!

Wow big 52 yard P/U by the Als O Marsh to Carter then Marsh to Deslaurier the next play,

Als O suddenly wakes up, 3 yrd TD strike Marsh to SJ green,

15-7 Leos

The one with Neiswander behind centre! :slight_smile: