Leos T.V.?

I took the day off on Tuesday and was watching t.v. I came across Sportsnet West and they had a show called Stamps T.V. where they did a preview of there up coming game, interviewed some of the players and even did some filming at Burris's new house for a BBQ he was having. Why can Sportsnet Pacific do the same type of show for the Lions? It gives you a good insight into the different personalities on the team to see them away from the field, gives the fans a way to connect with the players and I think it would help sell tickets. You can never have too much exposure to your product.

I don't think that sportsnet would be too smart to do that because they don't cary the CFL and they show a lot of NFL games, why promote the other guys? It would be good if CityTV or Global did I show like they do on the Whitecaps.

Sportnet should change there name to Hockeyandamericansportsnet. I rarely watch that channel way to American for me

It's not nearly as bad as the score. They cover a lot of Hockey and some Lacrosse and they used to carry Canada's soccer team.