Leos should just concede the game to the Riders!


According to Marty York on a morning broadcast, York suggests the Lions should just concede this weeks game to the Riders to avoid more injuries which could do long term damage to the Lions. "Take the week off, says York, and ensure a successful season in the long - run!"
Provocative but dumb Marty!!
Riders Rule
Leos will Drool

...damn, why didn't the stamps try this?....

Any endorsement by Marty York is the kiss of death.

He’s like seeing your inlaws in your doorway. With large suitcases.

:lol: :lol: :lol: And they are from Saskatchewan! Yikes! Nightmares board up the doors and windows!

I think it will be a hard hitting game. But Wally and his boys don't usually make excuses.

So Eric the Idoit Tillman has stated publicly that Riders have more people injured then any other team in the league. So it will make for an interesting game tomorrow night.

And a quote from Turkey is the...ummmm, when I think of a polite way to put it I'll be back..... :lol: :lol: :lol:

One word for Marty ........ Shaaaduup

Bill Riechelt, the Long-time Lions trainer agrees - the Lions should just concede the game and avoid further injuries and embarassment. Bring back Lui-LOOOOOOOO!
Riders Will Rule
Lions will drool

fingers crossed it will at least be a good game

Perhaps if you ask nicely, Lui can help YOUR Kicker Turkey!

Hmmm, thats about the only cheapshot that I can throw back at you Turkey! :wink: Congrats on your win last night.

Your'e a class act Sportman, and your Lions will rebound as you know and I know. One win in early season does a Grey Cup champ make but don't tell the others cuz it is too much fun getting a rise out of them!!!!!!!!!!!
Both Defences did well although I thought the Riders O line did a masterful job holding off your excellent d linemen. Man they are scary and Joseph did well to escape them at times and got very lucky other times.
My two cents worth is the Lions forgot how good a running back they have for 3 quarters which would have opened up the pass for them.
Also Claremont, who will be a Rider next season, was underutilized while Dominquez was wonderful!! We did outplay your guys but even so The Leos had a chance to comeback late and that scares me. We, the riders, have to finish drives and put teams away (e.g edmonton in edmonton). Excepting your clear win over us in Regina ( though I still stand by the fact that we beat ourselves that day with poor decisions) we should be 5-1 and that stupid loss in Edmonchuck may come back to haunt my Riders.
That is as straight as I can get old friendly foe!!!
gobble, gobble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good observations turkey, thats pretty much how I saw last nights game. Joseph got lots of protection.

I think you will be in for a treat for the "Rubber"game at Taylor Field in October.

It will be an important game then!