Leos Shelled by Alouettes, Future of Kevin Glenn

That game was pretty tough to watch. It was apparent that BC had nothing on offense and it was only a matter of time until Alouettes dismantled the vaunted Lions defense.

In his two and a half quarters Glenn could manage only about 45 yards passing and threw two picks. When he wasn't getting harassed or sacked by Montreal defenders Glenn was airmailing open receivers. Glen never had the time, or could get a receiver deep, to stretch Montreal's defense and give him some room to operate. After his second pick at the start the second half, Glenn gave way to third stringer Travis Partridge, who did a decent job after he settled down. It seems apparent now that dressing Lulay was just a ruse, nowhere near ready to come into the game. Maybe we should have sat him and dressed the other kicker. All but three of BC's 17 points came after the outcome was no longer in doubt.

It wasn't all Glenn's fault. Nobody could get open. Arceneaux was invisible an so were Poblah, Jackson and Gore for most of the game. The Lions' offensive line took turns either holding or failing to block their guy. Montreal's secondary threw a red, white and blue blanket over BC's receivers.

Like much of the 2014 season, the BC defense couldn't stop a beachball on the ground all day. Montreal was basically going one-on-one with BC's defensive front four and getting their fifth offensive lineman to the second level and onto our middle linebacker, which allowed their backs to get five yards downfield before we got a hand on them. None of our defensive tackles were dominant enough inside to necessitate a double team from Montreal. The inability to get any heat at all on Crompton hung our secondary out to dry for the third week in a row.

Two bad penalties by Cord Parks, a terrible hit out of bounds call and another weak call against Phillips on a little push seemed to take away our aggressiveness.

Special teams were a a mixed bag. A few nice punt returns from Tim Brown, but not a single kickoff return past the 35 yard line all day. McCallum seemed to be struggling with punting. Our punt covers were okay, not great, better than our kickoff covers.

Now the second guessing will begin. Why was Khalif Mitchell such a bust this year? Why don't we play a more attacking style on defense, when Benevides said just a couple weeks ago that they could dial up the pressure anytime the want to? Why can't we keep out offensive line healthy during training camp? How good — or bad — was first-year offensive coordinator Khari Jones, whose lack of offensive production persisted all year? Why did Mark Washington's league-leading defence suck to badly in November? Why couldn't Benevides and the other coaches address the team's penalty/discipline problem, which was evident from early on? And why would out team President guarantee a win against a team that has had our number for several years now?

Finally, has Wally Buono's insurance policy done enough to be invited back in BC in 2015? While he was one the main reasons the Lions got to the post season, his poor showing today when it really counted, and his unfortunate tendency to toss picks at the worst of times, might get him a new area code in 2015. I'm not sure the fan base can tolerate another year of a relatively small, short, immobile quarterback who doesn't have a particularly strong arm and can't do much unless he gets great pass protection on every play. BC needs a guy who can made the defenders cover the whole field, use his legs to get of the pocket and extend plays and occasionally take off with it.

In my opinion that guy is not Kevin Glenn.

See you next summer!

Dooger in Surrey :cowboy:

Yep, today's game was a……. :roll:

No one likes to see their team lose but to lose this badly?


It's time for Kevin to hang them up. When he's off he is way WAY off. He does not have the mobility of a Sunseri for SSK or Riley for the Esks. You just had to see the Esks/SSK to see the difference.

Glenn's passing was dismal. He either threw the ball to open guys but so poorly they would have had to make a circus catch. He would float balls 20 feet over their heads. These guys were open! Glenn was not on his game or even close to it.

Why the D imploded today and allowed so many points I don't know. It wasn't the whole 50 but darn close.

Buono needs to find a QB that he can develop and bring along. Maybe it is Partridge or Beck. I don't know. As far as Lulay goes I think his playing days are numbered.

Was Lulay a ruse today? Perhaps or maybe he would have been inserted if Glenn went down because of injury but the game was close. By the time Partridge was inserted the game was pretty much a done deal.

Buono is going to have to take a good long look at Benevides, the offensive front line and the QB situation. A good D can keep a team in the game but it is usually the offensive team that wins the games.

Had to work today and I didn't even bother to DVR the game. Guess I'm the lucky one. It's better that the season end today- end the misery!

  • Glenn's done. I could rant, but he seems like a decent person so I won't.
  • And Benevides... this guy is simply bad.
  • Lulay - why didn't he have surgery immediately upon re-injury?

If I leave the Lions' decal on the back of my car, would people still take me seriously?

If Lulay was a ruse it was a waste of a body, why the heck would they dress him if he wasn't going to play. The could have dressed someone that they could have brought in and out of the lineup.