Leos release Derick Armstrong

......so much for Dericks measure of revenge he was going to have on the Bombers.....His lame comments, on how he was seeking some type of retribution, for the way he was treated in the Peg, appears to be done...He should've concentrated on playing football instead of trash-talking...Good luck Derick, in your future endeavours, mark that on your calendar :stuck_out_tongue:

First thing that came to mind:

good riddance. guess he wont be seeking retribution against the bombers anymore. dumb guy. wonder if this is locker room issues cuz he seemed to have got the job done on the field. kelly vindicated abit?

As much as this makes the Bomber fan in me giggle...I have to say I'm a little surprised...he was making some big plays for the Lions..

You sure are a vindictive bunch. I thought you were all about looking forward, the new regime, etc. This pettiness just makes you seem insecure.

Henry Burris
Mo Lloyd

I could go on too.

Don't be ridiculous. The circumstances regarding Armstrong's departure were unusual. He refused to play because he wasn't going to be the starter. He quit on his teammates, the fans, the organization and the coaches. His selfish act very well may have cost us that game since Armstrong took a roster spot and then refused to play even after Edwards was injured and had to come out of the game. Some things can be easily forgiven - what he did cannot.

.... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: ......surely you jest arte.....i guess you have a short memory with regard to rider players of the past....a manure spreading on one of your former players lawn ,also comes to mind ...but that's not vindictive .....cuz that's okay in riderville:lol: :lol: :lol:

Who Cares seriously, sure he made big plays for the Leo's but his trash talking and attitude has always been an issue with him and honestly i think he is finished in the CFL, bye bye!!