Leos' Dirty Deeds Debunked

Tuesday, October 2, 2007 - 02:00PM

By Paul Wiecek,
Winnipeg Free Press

They're dirty, sure. But the B.C. Lions, as a group, are no dirtier a football team than any other team in the CFL -- and anyone who says they are just hasn't spent enough time in the Dante's Inferno that is a bottom of a pile of football players.

That was the consensus in the locker room of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers on Monday as the Bombers pondered their next opponent, who will visit Winnipeg this Friday.

"Let's face it -- offensive linemen generally are dirty bastards," Bombers defensive lineman Tom Canada ventured. "But I don't think B.C. are any more dirty than anyone else. They just kind of have a persona.

"Every week you have to deal with a tackle who's going to cut you when he can and give you a cheap shot. That's just part of the game."

The Lions -- and their offensive line -- have long been singled out in the media for being dirty players. And the issue was spotlighted last month when CFL commissioner Mark Cohon suspended one B.C. offensive lineman and fined another for their roles in an ugly altercation in a game against Saskatchewan.

Cohon suspended Sherko Haji-Rasouli for one game for kneeing one opponent and also ripping the helmet off the head of another Rider player and rolling it downfield. Fellow B.C. lineman Rob Murphy was fined for grabbing Roughriders lineman John Chick and holding him down on the field by the throat. A third Lion, Cory Rodgers, was also fined.

Bombers defensive lineman Doug Brown said the incident looked bad on TV, but really wasn't anything all that unusual.

"I caught the clips. There's a lot of stuff that goes on in the bottom of those piles that doesn't make it to print. That's nothing out of the ordinary. The only difference is it got videotaped."

Indeed, Brown said the worst part of the whole affair was the sight of Chick lying prone -- and seemingly helpless -- on the field, firmly in Murphy's grasp.

"That," said Brown, "was embarrassing for John Chick more than anyone else."

Like Canada, Brown said nothing an offensive lineman does surprises him anymore. "I pretty much get the same treatment regardless of who I'm playing. I think B.C. gets the most publicity in the CFL in terms of what happens, but I don't think anything that goes down on their side of the ball is out of the ordinary."

Bombers defender Barrin Simpson went a step further, even tipping his hat to the B.C. offensive linemen.

"They play to the whistle. You've got to like that. And they have attitude about themselves -- and I like that. It gives me someone to talk to during the games. We'll get to chat.

"They're going to use tactics to try and get you off your game, but that's no different than anyone else."

Bombers offensive lineman Obby Khan agreed, going so far as to suggest the Lions players are the victims -- of the media.

"I feel very strongly that the B.C. Lions offensive line are no dirtier or cheaper than anyone else in the league. It's the media who blows it all out of proportion."

The last word goes to Canada, who said he wants nothing to do with getting in a war of words with the same B.C. players he's going to have to go to war on the field against come Friday.

"They're not dirty at all," Canada said, tongue planted firmly in cheek. "They're all great individuals, good guys."

You mean to say that Eric Tillman was wrong all along? :frowning:

I said somewhere in another post, that it is ugly in the trenches. I'll let you all in on a newsbreaking announcement. Scratching, eye poking, elbows, shoving happen all the time in the "trenches". About 5 years ago, my Grandson attended a BC Lion function called "Practice in the park". Cameron Legault, Steve Hardin were players that were there. Some of the things that they told us that went on in the trenches would curl your hair.

This article in Winnipeg basically says its all part of the game.

And RLR where should I ship the cheese to go with the Eric Tillman whine?

Actually I have a theory shared along with a couple posters who pm’d me.

I’ll bet Tillman deliberately said those things to divert focus from Clovis who missed the Geory Simon TD catch to his comments. Just think, instead of a whole week of media chasing down Clovis, they are chasing Tillman instead.

I have no way of knowing if my theory is correct, but I bet that Tillman thinks that was a good $1,000. investment!

i think that's bunk sport....just cuz Clovis was found later to be hiding in Tilmans basement...shouldn't give you any cause for that theory.... :lol:

Well actually, I think they are sitting him out this week.....But, its a theory I like! :wink:

Actually, that almost makes sense... :o

And yeah, like as far as the fines go, why even bother? I dont know the exact number, but Im sure Tillman is making like a quarter of a mill or so... Anybody have an idea? and sorry if Im way too high or something... Like give me a break lol... $1000... :roll:

Hey Tillman's actions are no worse or better than your own Mr. Buono. What was he doing holding a press conference before the Calgary game last week to demonstrate that the hit by Hamilton on Burris was legal. What was it his business anyway. He also was trying to divert attention from his team and did so quite effectively. So lay off Tillman my boys. Those who live in glass houses as the saying goes.

However, I will give credit to Sherko for taking his suspension like a man and not like one Mr Gass.

Actually dusty, no glass houses here, That was a smart move by Tillman if that was his intention. Heres an interesting thing from Last nights Sports talk.(CKNW) Dan Russel had Glen Suitor on. Four weeks ago, Buono was asked about the Gass suspension. He told Suitor that if one of his players did that, he would encourage him NOT to Appeal. Suitor's comment was that Wally lived up to his quote from 4 weeks ago.


Also, I noticed the offensive linemen polishing their halos as they were leaving church on Sunday, so obviously they were confused with some other nasty players in the league! :lol: :lol: :lol:

We're still on this?

Unlike most games, which are not taped?

Obviously they're just trying not to say anything to tick off the Lions, add to the media frenzy over the issue, or perhaps even lead to a fine from the league.

Clearly their actions were dirtier than most. Consider how many plays there have been so far this season. Compare that to the number of plays which have resulted in an ejection and a suspension. I don't have the numbers, but I do know it is not a normal occurrence.

Actually, Sporty, you are not the first person to suggest that was part of what ET was doing.
I don't think there is much doubt that if a GM or coach are doing their job then they do attempt to deflect attention from the players onto themselves.
It seems to have worked in this case.

Nice job ET!

I don’t know Sportsman, you may be right. On the other hand, maybe Tillman was less concerned with Clovis and more interested in deflecting attention away from himself and the team that he put together, in the light of the Riders’ third straight loss – the last one a first-place battle on home turf. Just get the faithful riled up (doesn’t take much – cue Arius) about the axe murderers from BC and lay low until you end the losing streak. I thought, and still think, that Tillman was a good choice for GM in Saskatchewan, but I’d be less than honest if I said that I was impressed with how he has handled himself lately.

In a very short season, Tillman has already:

• Trashed a coach and former colleague from his Ottawa days
• Had a hissy fit with a Rider fan on a call-in show
• Ran around the sidelines on Labour Day waving a Rider flag like some kind of deranged cheerleader whose hair had just caught fire
• Publicly attacked the coach and GM of an opposing team alleging things that are not possible to substantiate
• Issued a statement regarding the fine levied against him by the league that sounded more like an unrepentant, petulant teenager than a general manager.

Tillman has done a good job in Saskatchewan and I’m sure he will continue to do so. I just wish he would get rid of his flaky, un-GM-ish baggage. It does nothing to enhance the image of the League.

Not being a fan of Tillman's either, I truly think you guys give him to much credit. He knows, the media knows, and the players know, and Clovis knows, that he made a mistake. When the Riders told the media he was going down in the depth chart and they were putting Gordon in there was some surprise but it was still a story that got covered. Mean while Tillman continued is rant.

I agree with Neil70, that this was just another example of Tillman being Tillman, slightly unprofesssional. I would also add to your list the lie about who and when the trade for Armstead was made.

Now getting back to the story at hand. One thing the Bombers have done reasonably well this year is stop the unnecessary trash talk and stay focused on the game. I am not the least bit surprised that nobody from Winnipeg said anything. To me this is a nothing story some reporter had to file and thought maybe he could drum something up.

Clearly you missed this quote

"I caught the clips. There's a lot of stuff that goes on in the bottom of those piles that doesn't make it to print. That's nothing out of the ordinary. The only difference is it got videotaped."

Stuff goes on all the time in those piles, because one team has had a few incidents more than the average caught on tape doesnt mean they are the dirtiest. Use your brain.

"I feel very strongly that the B.C. Lions offensive line are no dirtier or cheaper than anyone else in the league. It's the media who blows it all out of proportion."

And hater fans of other teams :smiley:

Put that in your pipe nay sayers!

I agree!

Besides, isn't that Rob Murphy helping that little old lady cross Granville Street? :wink: :wink: :wink:

Im not a fan of his either. But give the man his due. Im not saying that in this case this was his intention, but you have to admit it does make sense. I mean, Id pay $1000 to take attention away from my safety of the future...

The BC Lions are the dirtiest team ever.

They buy lots of Tide after playing in Edmonton.

With all the rain Vancouver gets 2005, they shouldn't be! :wink: