They've got the best pass rush in the league, but instead of jamming receivers the Lions DBS lay off and let the receivers run their routes. Its obvious they cant cover that well and their tackling is awful. I cant understand why they let the receivers get off the line when a guy like Wake only needs a little time to blow up a play.

Will Benevides be as stubborn as Wally is and constantly stick with something that isn't working, or will he show he can coach by making some adjustments? If he thinks his DBs are going to get better when its clear they haven't corrected this known weakness after 18 weeks, then he's in need of a trip to Fantasy Island!


Pretty well the same group was very good when Ritchie was the DC, what happened to them?

Not sure really. IMO it's our biggest weakness. Phillips is having a terrible year for one thing. Went from competing for top spot in the league for INTs, to a big fat zero this year. THere's more to it than that though. If I had to pin it on anything I'd have to say coaching as your right, it's virtually the same group that dominated the league for the last 5 years.

I think they would have a really hard time Jamming Fantuz and Bouman, plus its next to impossible to jam a Slotback when they are running full tilt at the line.

What happened is an interesting question, especially, as has been pointed out, it is the same crew, and they are all relatively young, so it's not as though they got old. Miles is old, but he's probably he best of the 5 this year, so aging is not an excuse.

Coaching is a possibility.

But here's a question for those who follow that team closer than I: are they running different schemes this year? Sometimes teams go from man to zone, or vice versa, or they change what the safety's doing in coverage, and that has as big an effect as a change in personnel. I don't follow them close enough to tell, but scheme could be a factor - sometimes a good bump 'n run corner doesn't play a great zone, or whatever. Are they doing something different?