.....We have to send a message in this one that we are more towards the top tier in this league other than the bottom...Hope our guys come through cuz this will say a lot with regards to how we finish...I think the game will be close and this is a very good team we're up against,,,Win and we're looking good....lose and the big question marks remain...Got get em Bombers. :rockin:

....Well we sent a message....'we're in it to win it'...Great game by the Bombers and on to B.C. to take the next one...What can we say about Moe Leggett that hasn't already been said..What a nice take down of the speedy Rainey when it looked like he was heading for the end zone with hardly anytime left .. Moe has to be considered for mvp this year....How can we not give our o line a big heads up...Nichols wasn't sacked once by a so called vaunted lion rush...Receivers were definitely better today than the last one and we're going to have a tough time figuring out where Gurley is going to play...Harris was Harris...solid and Flanders acquitted himself quite well...All in all it was a very positive out come..One we needed going forward...These last three games are going to be 'barn burners' :thup: :thup: :thup:

Even though it wasn't ruled a fumble. What is Harris doing ,standing up and fighting for yards at that point ??
A veteran Canadian should never ever....ever make that mistake.

.....Very true kasps....Harris has admitted he has to make sure he secures the ball better....but beyond that...why was that running play called in the first place ....Run around in the backfield like Dressler did in the end zone and make sure you stay inbounds to run the clock...Dangerous play to run it up the gut against Bighill and Elimimiam daring them to stand you up and rip it out.. :thdn: ..I've noticed some serious mistakes made by the team when you'd think after all of this time we would have learned....For instance kicking directly to one of the best returners in the league...Why not angle it out of bounds and cut down on those big returns...Mental lapses that cost us every game..Is it coaching or the players???

Bit of both I'd say. Mediocre lack of specifics drilled into all players - not just special-teamers. Handing the ball off to a RB is obviously a coaching gaffe - as O'Shea knew that Wally had 1 timeout remaining and the bombers couldn't run out the entire clock without leaving a bit of time. O'Shea prolly haunted by how BoLevi Mitchell carved up his defense in only 17 seconds to steal a game 2 weeks back!
However, handing the ball off is replete with gaffes in fundaments. First, you have the exchange of football itself where a poor handoff can lead to a fumble. Then you basically serve up the ball carrier to be "held up" and strip-mined of the pigskin. That's astoundingly stupid coaching but Harris also deserves blame cuz he couldn't keep two hands on the ball (or was over-powered by larger, much stronger men).
Only thru the grace of a poor on-field call backed by an inebriated man in a hot-tub were the bombers spared disgrace!
Cuz on the basis of the video I saw on my 32" HD TV, Harris was never down before puking up the brick. It probably came down to "guessing" Harris was stopped on forward progress with a phantom whistle!
The direct kicking to Raines was a bit dodgy, too! The guy is obviously one of the two top returners in the CFL. Without Ian Wild on special teams - its a shoot whether the guy explodes for major yards like he's done all year long. Kicking it oob like you suggest is a coward's out - cuz you lose yards trying to angle it to a sideline - PLUS add 10 yds for air-kicking it out. You are basically conceding a 30 yd return by kicking out of bounds. In retrospect they should have done exactly what you say - except they expect to be able to stop returners for under 15 yds - except the didn't - or couldn't.....

A lot of IFs... What IF Harris broke it for 20 yards ? Coaches would be geniuses.

We got the W. Fini..

There still is no need to risk a fumble at that point. The game was over he should have went wide and got down.

No doubt, I agree. I'm just answering a critic.

Harris’ play at the end was a case of a player trying to do too much when the situation didn’t warrant it.

We got the W at the end of the day but we continue to bleed yardage on defense. Great to see Leggett back and make that big play. I’m hoping he doesn’t miss any or much time after that leg injury. We may end up a bit short on DBs all the sudden with Bruce Johnson’s suspension and the Johnny Adams trade.

Nice to see some offensive creativity from the offense and that trick play from the special teams reminded me of what O’Shea was doing in Toronto that got him the Bombers job in the first place. Rematch should be fun.

O'Shea is still a much better coach than he was in Yrs 1 or 2 but he still tends to suffer occasional bouts of game panic. The decision to hand-off to Harris the first time was a mental gaffe - but the second time was a clear case of stubbornness responding to panic!

You know BC has a timeout left (or do you?).
You know you're not getting a 1st down as BC stacked the box, knowing they were gonna get either kneel-downs or plunges - they didn't expect Harris to go vertical and subject himself to ball-stripping. That could have been an error by Harris - instead of going down quickly for no-gain or 1 yd - he tried to kill clock by staying vertical - and in the struggle lost maintain of the ball. If Goofy in the Command Centre hadn't made a phantom ruling about forward progress the bombers would be immersed in a major slump.
Now, everyone's a hero! Thanks Jake!

.....Look ...Goofy consulted Mickey and Ireland was listening in...Doesn't matter what the hell happened in the command centre...you can't make a call on a play that is/was definitely no way to mount a challenge of a fumble, one way or the other...You go with what the refs. called when there's no definitive evidence, that call was NO fumble.....happens all year in these situations...Also was not the play blown dead making everything after that redundant .. I'm sure old squinty Wally would have liked to have thrown a challenge flag...but the outcome would have been the same...So we move on and put this one in the books....The lions and their fans should do the same instead of whining on and on like a bunch of little school girls... :wink:

I think the fact that everyone is still arguing the play proves it was close enough that they couldn't reverse the on field call.But it no longer matters. Upward and onwards. Our inability to defend the deep ball has become a huge concern.I don't know if we are just getting beat by spectacular plays or if it's a problem with our D but yikes that's a couple of games now where the opposition has moved the ball at will late in the game.

Good teams are able to move the ball when needed. We are able too ! I think our problem, and it's easily fixable and a sign of a young team and coach, is clock control. Doing the right thing at the right time to get rid of time is important. We've been lucky due to effort but we need to fix this.. Other than that, I can't be happier with the team. My wife even said that the last game was one of the most exciting she's ever seen... I don't care too much about penalties and challenges and a good team should be able to overcome any set-back... I've always said that the Bombers were an exciting team no matter the situation and this year that exciting Bomber team has returned. The turn around of a lousy team to a good team is the most enjoyable thing in sport. That's why so many people are willing to follow a losing team. They're waiting for the turn around. We are in the midst of that and it's great !

…Playing soft on the other teams big guns is a disaster waiting to happen…I don’t know why Hall doesn’t play the db’s tighter BUT that’s been Ritchie for most of the year…I’d say we have to change tactics… :wink:

Other than Bob Irving who's been hemming and hawing about Richie Hall's defense most Wpg. media are aghast at the amount of yardage being gobbled up against it. Nearly 1200 yds in last 3 games (bombers won 1 of the 3, mostly due to Goofy in the commando centre)

Lawless says that's what you get with Richie Hall - he doesn't know how to do it any other way - tries to hide himself in the success in the other facets of bomber game (like 9 wins and counting, playoff spot). No doubt Hall would be ditched if the bombers were in verminville like Toronto and Montreal. Other media bobos say the same! :cowboy:

…Ritchie might be hiding in the success and certain facets of the game…BUT I’m not going with the wins and a playoff…I’m going with one particular individual…Moe Leggett and one heckuva ball hawking defence :wink:

It is a ball hawking D but the problem is when it’s not creating turnovers which ratchets up the pressure is on the offense to deliver. The game a couple of weeks ago showcased the low points (first half) and high points (second half) of what this defense is capable of doing. Part of our problem has been all the changes in the secondary we’ve been making all season long due to injury. The guys have played well with all the changes but it’s hard to hit your peak when the faces are changing as often as they have been. All in all, I’m not displeased by our D but I’d like to see them find a bit more consistency where we’re giving up fewer big plays and a couple fewer scoring drives per game heading towards the playoffs.

.....I see we're up in the Nissan power rankings.....Don't put much stock in those rankings but no 2 is nice and a little recognition :wink:

Terrific recognition but hope it doesn't go to their heads.

If you're gonna rate teams on a point system vs. 1 thru 9 I'd have it as follows:

Calgary - 92 (out of 100)

BC - 77
Wpg - 75
Edm - 74
Ott - 73
SK - 70
Ham - 68
Mtl - 62
To - 51

Calgary is running the table so they're far ahead. Toronto is burning tires - in the ditch.
2 thru 5 are virtually interchangeable!