Leos at TwoColours Game Thread, Fri Sept 5 7 pm et

Fri September 5
B.C. at Ottawa

Travis Lulay makes his first start as Lions QB since last season. The RedBlacks need this game badly to get some traction in the glacial East race for the playoffs. I expect Lulay to come out firing...will we see good Hank give a decent counter? I think BC is going to roll here.

Oski Wee Wee,


Kickoff is imminent.

Maher hits an early FG -- Ottawa is up 3-0.

Let's go BC. Turn em into the blue & blacks

A sluggish start to the game as the rain begins (t-storms expected).

Really? Ottawa's already got 3 points that's gotta be a record for them lol

RedBlacks are up 3-0 after one quarter.

Yah a record

Hadn't noticed it raining (on TV) but since we had a storm through here a while ago so know it will be heading their way.

Definitely a defensive battle thus far!

In the game against Calgary I think a couple of weeks ago they scored a defensive TD off a fumble or interception within a couple of minutes! Of course that was the end of their scoring! :oops:

Nice pick by Hank and Lulay almost returned the favour, McCallum boots it through the uprights for a tie game. 3-3 and this IS foot ball!

OttRB's doing a better job - so far - of avoiding penalties, BC not to so much and the OttRBs are on the 10 yd line.
BIG question is CAN they get the TD especially after Chevy dropped the ball on a sure one? :oops: AND h does it AGAIN inches from the goal line!!! :oops: :oops: BC ball.

Didn't see/hear who the BC player is who is down. Shouldnt' be leading with his head anyway but glad is he able to get off under his own power - with help.

Leos with a last second FG to end the half. 6-5 Leos at the half. OttRBs D forced a safety earlier after they turned the ball over on the goal line.

McCallum hits a FG to end a really bad first half. BC leads 6-5 after 30 minutes.

First half stats are surprisingly pretty even and the OttRBs even edged the Leos in ToP :o but did turn the ball over twice. :oops:

Burris has a Oh-Henry Bar in his locker!!!


Well what else would he have??? :lol: Kitt Katt?? :lol:

Chevy out - injured in the play where he fumbled on the goal line and has not returned for the second half. :frowning:

Leos with a single off a 69 yd Schmidtt punt to go up 7-5 late in the third.