Leos at Tiger-Cats Game Thread, Sat Oct 4, 7 pm et

Saturday, October 4, 2014
7:00 PM ET
BC at Hamilton

The Catfight Bowl 2 for 2014 is in Hamilton to complete this week's CFL slate. BC has to recover from the Andrew Harris injury and rely more on the passing game against a Ticat defence that has shown its fangs in recent weeks with a potent pass rush. If Zach Collaros and co. can win the turnover battle, it is going to be hard for the Lions to generate a lot of points against the Cats. Moissis Madu is the X-factor here I think. The Cats should win by 4.

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Last time these teams played each other:

BC 36 Cats 29

Dan LeFeavor's third game as a starter. He rushed for 103.

Kevin Glenn rushed for 3 - 36 yard and a TD in the first quarter. The TD was a 19 yarder. That's right, the Cats gave up big runs to Kevin Glenn.

Cats pulled off an on-side kick, then went 3 and out.

Sam Giguere had a great night. His first 100 yard night with 130 total.

Two poor bad snaps cost the Cats huge yardage. One was in the first quarter on second and goal from the 3. There was a field goal.

The screen play was ineffective against a close covering BC D.

Banks had a punt return TD.

Gable injured and out by the half. Madu showed some signs of his skill in replacement. He's played even better since.

BC led 17 - 3 after one quarter. Cats led 17 - 19 at the half.

The Cats D gave up big plays in the first quarter then settled down for the remainder of the game. Cats couldn't punch in for majors and Medlock kicked 5 field goals.

Penalties KILLED the Cats time and time again during that game.

BC faces a different Cats team this time around. Bad plays are way down. Penalties are down even further. Collaros under centre. If the Cats play as tough as they did in BC they should be able to put the Lions away.

It should be a great game.

It will certainly be a cool game. Game time temperature is expected to be only 9C dropping to 7C over the course of the game. 40% chance of rain and winds from the southwest at 25 KM/hr. With that wind it will actually feel like 4C by late in the game. So bundle up folks!

I will be at the game... looking forward to my first ever view of THF, from the other side of the gates!!!

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Hey TravPat you forgot the 40mph gusts.
Sure hope someone in authority points this out to KA. Take the wind in the 4th. Should be swirling around the goal posts too.

And I just noticed on facebook this great deal will be offered at Tiger Town store kiosks in stadium tomorrow night. These might come in handy for people getting cold.

The right side of this gets cut-off. It says the script hoodies will be at the southwest kiosk.
Limited quantities and sizes


And its 25 KPH, 40 KPH gust WESTERLY wind, could get swirly in the stadium....

Thank god we don't have Deangelis spewing excuse after excuse about the wind conditions in Hamilton before and after every game anymore....

Just realised Rod Black will be calling the game tomorrow,

Oh Joy! :thup:


I picked a perfect game to attend live!!

Well Saturday has arrived we are all getting our all getting ready to watch our Tiger-Cats take on the BC Lions in a Sold Out Tim Horton's Field in hamilton, the Stadium is ready, our team is ready and playing great football and our fans are ready and excited to watch our team dismantle the Lions, it's another round of the Cat Fight in Steeltown any predictions on score, outcome, how to win, what to do etc?

I predict the Cats offence will kick into gear this week and respond with a few TD's, we have Zach back, great group of receivers and our Defence is AWSOME!!

It should be a great game tonight in the HAMMER!!

Tiger-Cats 42 Lions 14


Thread theft ? What the heck

Looks like we lost "Sweetness and Light" but that's fine by me! It makes our roaring Tiger-Cats seem to soft - and we KNOW they aren't!

Just watching the pregame before the first of today's matches with that Blew team and LaPo did a nice little feature on what Zach does well and what is making him successful in his last few games - things that no doubt Austin saw and liked before going after him in the off season. :smiley:

I expect a defensive battle as both teams have great defenses. let’s hope the cats do not make Stephan Logan look like the best RB in the league. Need to win the turnover battle, BC is undefeated when they win the turnover battle. Win this and we are in sole possession of first and 1 win away for .500.

Ok ROD BLACK is not calling our game!!! :thup: :smiley: 8) :twisted: :cowboy: My day just got better!

X2, I PVR every ticat game and usually watch as soon as I get home, drives my wife nuts! :slight_smile: :smiley:

a) the Ticats have been stout against the run and currently have the best run defense in the league.

b) Logan isn't playing - they are bringing in a rookie Antolin (I think) who will be a total unknown.

Looking for some points put up by the Ticats and a good shut down of the BC Offense (such as it is).


Ill be watching University / CFL football on TV or in person from 10 am this morning to 10 pm tonight! Fiancee thinks IM NUTS! :lol:


Heading out now for the game… Im expecting loss of voice by end of 1st quarter!!! :rockin:

My Fiancee, a speech language pathologist, disapproves of this message :lol:

Have fun man! I'm Jealous, Wish I could be there :thup:

Well, that wasn't my edit.

Hi folks!

HEY where is everyone? D off to a good start - until a penalty kept things going. Looks like they won the toss and deferred to have the wind in the fourth. ANd NOW the D has shut down Glenn who is working with the wind this quarter.