Leos at Sweetness & Light GT, Sat. July 15, 7:30 pm et, TSN

Your name says it all! :smiley:

Poised to score - almost a TD by Tasker. Punch it in Masoli!!


It's great to keep the opposing defence off-balance. Having a running game that can at least stop the opponent from constantly pinning their ears back and pressuring Zach is buying him more time. He can set his feet and distribute the ball in rhythm.

Collaros is getting the ball away a lot more quickly that in the first two games. Means the receivers are managing to get open. And a RUNNING GAME!


I have to wonder where this team has been hiding! They look like the "old" Ticats! :smiley: :smiley: Glad to see them clicking on all cylinders for the most part so far. Hoping that it continues!
Nothing like your own bed and home cooking - although that doesn't explain the first game in TO

I thought for sure that Arceneaux caught that out of bounds. Guess not.

Defense is on fire but just when they would have had the leos off the field #9 takes a DPI and Lulay keeps them rolling UGH!!!

Leonard is proving to be a real ball hawk - picks off the attempted 2 pt convert but doesn’t quite make it back for the points.

But at least they stopped the Lions from getting two - and almost got two themselves.

Looks like Jennings didn’t recover from that hit - Lulay in for the night.

So our running game didn't work that time and our D gets the m stopped before Lulay chucks it down the field. And it's Leonard again nabbing the loose ball .

Scheuerman taking off again! :smiley:

Leonard is having a whale of a night!

Do we have a new "Tank"?

So who was saying we need Sinkfield for a deep threat??? HUGE catch by Saunders WAY down the field! :smiley:

The O-line is run blocking very well!

Saunders is a deep threat when Zach can set up and throw. Banks in space is a threat anywhere on the field. Stretching the D all over the field, misdirection, playcall balance…open sesame!

Austin (I assume) is calling the plays. His m.o. tonight is allowing his players to execute and not be under seige every scrimmage. Goes hand in hand.

Doesn’t look like one but sure runs like one!

And Tyms needs to get rid of his butter fingers - although maybe a DB on him didn’t help.

Speaking of tanks…


And they’re probably loving it too.

Oh I agree but I’ve seen NO many comments about getting Sinkfield back so the team has a deep threat. They already have 2 of them!!

Collaros is looking very comfortable out there for the most part and BC's "vaunted" D isn't having it's way with our offense to any great degree. They just have to keep their foot (feet??) on the gas!!!