Leos at Sweetness & Light GT, Sat. July 15, 7:30 pm et, TSN

BC Lions at Hamilton Tiger-Cats
Saturday, July 15, 7:30 pm et

It's pretty simple. Hamilton has to win tonight with an offensive performance that allows for some confidence looking ahead. The Lions are going to be a tough opponent. The crowd will be a key barometer on whether the Cats are back or the slide continues. We shall see.

Oski Wee Wee,


Game day goals.

Drink lots of beer
eat much food.
Don't throw up on the people below me at stadium.
Watch tigers eat lions raw, hopes aren't overly high on this one

I hope they play like Tigers and not like the sweetness and light like the past 12 or so games

Just hoping for a competitive game. Would love to see the Cats win, but to be honest, am not expecting it. A solid 60 minutes by offence, defense and special teams would be encouraging. Still - its the home opener!

I'm looking forward to a sunny Saturday night in the Hammer with my brother in law.

beyond that, I hope we see: the O Line start to gel, Zach with less happy feet and that's about it...

Oskie Wee Wee!

just drove 3.5 hours to get here. Hope the trip is worth it. Go Cats!

Heading to the park now, with low expectations let me tell you but I'm prepared for the boys to shock the world tonight and turn things around. Hopefully just a good game for the fans, we always get blown out in home openers it seems so let's hope it's opposite day or something and we turn everything around.

Oskee wee wee! Keep the faith.

Ticats look to turn around offence when they host Lions -- article at http://www.tsn.ca/ticats-look-to-turn-a ... s-1.805141 .

I’m hoping that Collaros continues throwing downfield to Saunders, who he developed some nice chemistry with later in the Rider game last week.

Ugh. 15 mins before kick off stadium seats mt

I’m still waiting for Sinkfield’s return from the US , because we just do not have a deep threat period. :thdn:

We would have a deep threat if Banks was utilized for said purpose whenever he is on offense. That said, if Collaros can't set his feet, he isn't going to light things up throwing deep.

Kickoff is imminent.

cats won the toss, hope it's a trend for tonight.

Ahhhhhhh...Rod Black-free football!

YEAH a FD to begin the series. Something that hasn't been seen yet this year, And ANOTHER! :slight_smile: OK - guess I was mistaken thought they had enough yardage on that third toss for another FD but obviously not. Defense - your turn!


My feed is slow tonight, so thanks for the glimpses into the future! LOL

whats this? A running game. Woo hoo!!!

That pick has turned into a nice drive and there's actually a RUNNING game - but Tyms needed to catch that one!