Leos at Skeeterville, Fri. Sept. 27, 8 pm et

Lions at Blue Bombers (TSN)
Friday Sept. 27 at 8pm et/5pm pt
Also available on TSN Mobile TV

More on Thomas DeMarco and the upcoming game at http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=432761 . Perhaps we shall see the Lions Bucking a bit at the Mosquito Net.

Oski Wee Wee,


BC wins they punch their ticket to the playoffs, and they can rest Lulay as 9 is the magic number for the West. If Winnipeg and Edmonton both lose, the Argos punch their ticket and our magic number becomes 8.

Go Lions!

Hi folks!

Kickoff is now!

That lateral play: SHEER GENIUS. LMAO WTF was that????

Adam Bighill recovers, isn't touched, and goes in for the score.

7-0 BC after 20 seconds.

Bombers off to a roaring start - :oops: oops that was the Lions who were roaring on that fumble recovery TD!! :lol:

Lucky BC-Winnipeg with Proulx as the ref! :roll:

And the bummers answer back with a TD of their own! :o

Peg responds with a TD drive -- 7-7 now.

Easy TD Leos! Soon to be 14-7 BC :lol: :rockin:

If that isn't the weirdest call i have ever heard. How does BC lost control of the ball to Winnipeg when they successfully passed and caught the ball :?

This is how:

Article 1

A player shall not deliberately interfere with an opponent attempting to recover a
loose ball following a blocked kick, a dribbled ball, a fumble or a wild snap from the
centre, an offside pass, an onside kick and a kick that does not cross the line of
If foul occurs in the Goal Area, the ball shall be awarded to the non-offending team:
(a) at the 10-yard line, if the foul occurred in the offending team’s Goal Area or,
(b) at the 25-yard line, if the foul occurred in the non-offending team’s Goal Area.

LB at PF means “lose ball at point of foul”.

15-7 BC after one quarter.

BC almost came up with an interception TD there! :rockin:

Interception BC!! :thup: :smiley:

NO PI on that play???? :? :thdn:

FG BC 18-7

Marsh redeems himself after that PI call - picks off Hall and takes it to the house!!! :thup: :thup: :rockin:

25-7 BC

At the rate the BC defense is going, DeMarco won't have to score any points!!! :lol: :lol:

Nice work, prophet. LMAO

32-7 BC after ANOTHER fumble recovery TD

Close game... I see the Bummers are putting up a valiant fight.... I didn't think they would get 7 :lol:

Can't believe this - Bummers cough up the ball AGAIN and Parks takes it back for ANOTHER TD!! :lol: :rockin: