Leos at Nags game thread (Sept. 25, 10 p.m. ET, TSN)

Lions at Stampeders
Friday at 10pm et/7pm pt
Available on TSN HD

Will Calgary keep make in the race for first spot in the West or will BC make up ground and tie Calgary in the race?

Can Burris and company rebound from their defeat by the Tabbies? Will Pierce be able to get through another game?

Ought to be interesting!

Oski Wee Wee,



Can't be any worse than the game we just watched!!

No, and chances are, the nuclear physicists won’t be frothing about this one. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

They just showed a few clips from the Stamps last game, hard to believe that the same team that got blown out tonight beat them. TSN panel saying Stamps came out flat, not giving us any credit.

It’ll be good to see what should be an actual game tonight.

The Gerbear9 Blame Template Experience:

We were completely _________!

I blame ________________!

Last year we were 3-15...this is unacceptable! Start ____________________!

Fire ______________________!

My job is done.

See you next loss!


They never really do BYF, it's alway the other team played so bad.. much like tonight.. everyone blames the Cats, but never credits the Als for being the BEST in the league!!

Best team. Best coach, IMHO. Class of the league -- can they close the deal. That's the ONLY question as of now. Time will tell.

Yes, TSN is not The Steeltown Network, unlike what a certain receiver recently picked up by the Stamps said. Maybe he'll start calling it "The Stampeder Network" but I digress.

In their defence though, the panel did give the Als credit for playing well.

But I think I'll focus on this game that's on now, and this thread. I did not want to be reminded what it's like after a blowout loss here.

Ugly. LMAO

lol.. the Stamps look ready to play...already!!

Everytime I hear Ricky Foley.. I'm reminded of Rickey Foggy....lol I know diff positions!!

Foggie* :wink:

It's Buck Foggy now LMAO

CGY did not seem to fool anyone with that fake FG attempt. That would have been one long attempt for that DeAngelis guy, who should have been cut after missing that one last week. :wink:

diff spellings.. dif positions.. yea yea...lol

Huf is thinin': gonna git innerrestin' LOL

HOLY SHIAT. .what a catch by Simon!!

Still great!

HUGE fumble… Stamps recover… that was a FUMBLE Suitor!!

Great recovery!

And Pierce had to make the tackle, bubble wrap and all!