Leos at Nags Game Thread, Sat Sept. 27, 9:30 pm et

Saturday, September 27, 2014
9:30 PM ET
BC at Calgary

After the meltdown in Montreal, I expect that the Stamps will be loaded for bear...or lions. Jon Cornish returns from his one-game rest and should be a big factor in how this one turns out. BC needs to keep pace in the race for third and the likely croissover spot, so they will be motivated at The Ranch. Injuries have hit Calgary at the wrong time, so how the club responds in this one will go a long way to showing how much of a race there will be for first in the West as we enter the stretch.

Oski Wee Wee,


Hoping this will be a good one!

Giddy up!!

Who do I want to win? I dislike Calgary even more than BC but a BC loss means that we’re only 1 one game swing from tying them in points… and that would be good for the East.

Cornish is a friggen horse in his own right... wow!

George Reed, Mike Pringle, and this guy...the triumvirate of "no thanks, I'll pass on tackling that." LMAO

HOW in the EF do you fumble... without being touched????



See McQuay, Leon and Metcalf, Terry. :smiley:

Told ya!!



I'll take "Jousting while piggybacking Art Shell on a sweep" for 200, Alex! :wink:


John "Nike" Cornish!

Have only been half watching this while catching up on the Ticats game thread but will be watching more closely now.

Go Stamps - seems to be another defensive battle like our win over the 'Peggers. Stamps seem to be having some trouble getting their offense going too! Hope that gets turned around this half!

Paredes makes this field goal after an earlier miss and with the safety given up by BC earlier, now have the lead - tiny as it is! 8-7 Stamps! :smiley:

Calgary now leads 8-7 after a Paredes FG.

The defences are definitely stealing the show here!

Calgary has the best 1/2 QB combo in the league



What a play there.. GREAT shovel pass to #9!!

Paredes hits the 43 yarder... Giddy up.. .goes up 11-7

It's a placement fiesta!

The Lions need to run the ball. The Stamps need to run Cornish more.

End of the third and both teams seem to have more offense and FDs than the earlier game (although I didn’t see the stats at the end of the third in the Ticats game)