Leos at Larks Game Thread (Sept. 3, 7 pm ET, TSN/TSN.ca)

I'm not impressed with Leak's arm strength thus far...or Printers's accuracy for that matter!

According to my math...or arithmetic....a Montreal loss combined with a TC victory sets up a first place game next week....

Go Lions

Neither QB looking impressive so far as this first quarter ends.

I seem to recall hearing about Leak lacking arm strength when I read the scouting report on him in the 48 hours or so that he was on our roster.

If that happens, then the Ticats would have a chance to move into a tie with MTL for first place in the division eight days from now.

But unless the Ticats win that game by more than 23 points, then MTL would still be considered the first place team.

Tie Breaking Procedure

When two or more member Clubs are tied in the final Division standings at the conclusion of the regular season schedule, preferential ranking for playoff purposes shall be determined on the basis of the following descending-order priorities and shall be awarded to the Club that:

  1. has won the greater number of games played against all member Clubs ofthe League, then,
  2. has the higher winning percentage in all games played against all of the other tied Club(s), then,
  3. has scored the higher net aggregate of points (i.e. points scored for less points scored against) in all games played against all of the other tied Club(s), then,
  4. has scored the higher net quotient of points (i.e. points scored for divided by points scored against) in all games played against all of the other tied Club(s), then...

But yeah, go Lions. :slight_smile:

Fumble by Santos, recovered by Franks of the Lions.

The drama is building: does Trestman pull his goalie? LOL

Printers with the pellet divot...

Just an FYI...

Montreal has Cox and Dix on their defense.......not a lot of holes there, I'm afraid...

Howdy everyone.. just got in from work.. beer is cracked, TV is on... time to catch up!!

barn burner of a game

McCallum extends the BC lead to 7-3.

Drink the beer, HTD -- it will make these offenses a little more palatable. LOL :wink: Bienvenue!

Yes, HTD, you really missed out on some offensive fireworks. :slight_smile:

McCallum puts it through to make it 7-4 as we await the game's first TD.

One team has a 1-7 record, the other is starting the third best QB on its roster. It's interesting...

Russ.. are you saying this is NOT a defensive battle??

the offenses are..... well offensive?

LOL.. Thanks BYF... I think I'm updated it seems!

I remember seeing Jake Ireland making one or two calls in French a few years ago, in at least one game.

Man, Chris Leak's arm makes Billy Dicken's look like John Elway FFS. LMAO At least when healthy, McPherson has some umph in his shoulder cannon...

Yes, that's about it in a nutshell. You may not have even needed to read every post in this thread to get up to speed. It's just what you'd expect. It's not really a defensive battle, but offences are making other teams defences look better than they are.

Adrian McPherson or Don McPherson?

I just thought that since you mentioned Dicken... :slight_smile:

Good special teams job there by BC


Adriannnnnnnnnnnnnnn! :wink:

Todd Bankhead then -- to avoid ambiguity... :smiley:

Loco Locass over the P.A.!


Printers under throws every receiver, the receiver runs BACK to the ball... THAT makes him a great QB right??

TD Simon!!!

BC opening it up