Leos at Larks game thread (Sept. 13, TSN, 1 pm ET)

TSN.ca tees up its preview of the game at http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=290944 .

Ought to be a good tilt!

Oski Wee Wee,


Game on! Both clubs in their retros.

My TSN FROZE...anyone else with this?

Yep ive been staring at Marc Trestman for quite some time now LOL

TSN frozen. It's OK on RDS en francais.

My TSN is back -- still no score, 9:10 left, first quarter

Working fine here. On Bell.

Ah, they just mentioned it was an SD-only problem. Ha, people who watch in SD. I pity them.

Als gamble on third-and-two is STUFFED -- Lions ball!

Thank you, Mr. "HD" T. :smiley:

Both teams seem to be very pumped for this game

They keep trying to run on the right side of the line (vets) Lions expected that both times.

Sean Whyte has a wild kicking stance, almost like he's in a squat... this kid's going to be around a long time.

0-0 after the missed Whyte chipshot. Hit the upright?

Oh yes, "cut da bum". LMAO :wink:

On that drive, Lumbala and Whyte should make us all feel better about Bauman, James, Davis, Gordon & Nick.

Rather lackluster game so far!

Building up to Bish later...LMAO :wink:

lol... that should be a ho down humdinger of a game too

HOCKEY CANADA CHEER TIME, sponsored by Pepsi:



BC's tackling.. look VERY framiliar!!

It the whole "short week" thing again.

oh wait....