Leos at Larks Game Thread, Aug. 31, TSN

The Lions are visiting the Als right now. The score is 17-11 Als at the half.

Oski Wee Wee,


Second half is underway. BC has the ball. Geroy Simon is out with a leg issue.

Paul McCallum hits a FG, it is now 17-14 Als.

McCallum hits another FG - 17-17.

It's 24-17 Als after the third quarter. The Als have done a number on Lulay and the Lions' offense.

24-18 Als now after McCallum punts a rouge for BC.

Lulay-to-Bruce and it's 25-24 BC!

Als drove for a TD by Whitaker. The two-point conversion was no good. 30-25 Als

Just pulled out the computer. Why couldn't Harris take it all the way. Come on BC.... 40 yds. to go!

So the Lions go with a shotgun on 3rd and 1.... and they make it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!