Leos at LaPolice State game Thread (Oct. 11, 4 pm et, TSN)


Renaud, I know Jamie Boreham...and you're not...

That was a fake punt fake gone bad.

Much better game.. Hefney is KILLING the Bummers... looks good on them

Hefney has a nylon fetish. Unreal. The guy is a good player, but...the flags are a killer!

Simon TD -- 22-11 BC with the imminent convert.

Jyles HAS to come back in... LOL

Simon pass to Lulay.
Lulay pass to Simon for TD.
Lions are having fun now.

If Mark Cohon expands the regular season to twenty games...

Brink? AGAIN??

X 2

LOL... fans sound happy.....

Heff needs to sit IMO

Kavis Reed: turnstile defence 101.

It's 25-11 now...and FINALLY Jyles is in.

Brink's stats: 4/18, 61 yards.

Not the greatest intuition before a must-win there.

Both the O and D of the Bummers needs to take ownership of this lousy game....

And BC jumps in for another TD... this just keeps getting better...lol

32-11 BC after the imminent convert. Arceneaux lighting Winnipeg up!


Life is a box of chocolates...or Exlax...

Why would any head coach leave a pure CFL rookie QB in that long in a must-win game when the kid was obviously totally in over his head and ineffective? Bomber fans will want to lynch LaPolice after this debacle.

for this game...... it's exlax!!

Agreed, Blue. A slap in the face to Jyles!

This wasn't a must win game... the Bummers are a long shot to make the playoffs in Minor League Football in Winnipeg, never mind the CFL

It's a mathematical issue, and we're talking about it. LOL