Leos at Guelph Wilder-cats, Sat. Sept 7, 4 pm et

Kickoff just after the top of the hour. I like the retro duds th team is wearing! :slight_smile:

Team's looking spiffy, I love the helmets and the logo

Thanks Russ,

Unis look great! Oskie Wa Wa! :rockin:

Almost kick off.. GO CATS!!!!

Ditto!! :thup: :thup: :thup: Now to play like the Flying Wildcats and come away with the win!! :slight_smile:

The Cats… in a "dog fight’… ugh what a tool :roll:

Webb… .smokes Ianuzzi

Way too many white helmets out there.

D-Webb a huge hit on Ianuzzi on the first KO return of the game, Lulay/BC starts on the 41

On FD, Taylor P/U 4 yards,

On second down, Lulay throws an INC to gore, McCallum on to punt,

Good start by our D....

2 and out Leos - just what I wanted to see :smiley:

The D pull off a 2 and out!

Gable with a big FD run!

Tavoy Moore returns the ball to the BC 41,

Burris on FD Burris hands off to Gable who rumbles for 15 to PU the FD,

On the ensuing FD, Burris hits Grant for a 7 yard PU,

Burris hits Fantuuuuuz for the 3 yard PU,

on 3rd and inches, LeFevor PU the fD on the QB sneak....

Offense looking good so far......Big PU by Gable on the Screen!!! :rockin:

Beautiful PU by Gable!! :smiley: :smiley: :thup:

The O looking real good so far!!

Great drive!

Congi puts the Cats up 3-0

Lions stop us on our 20, Bighill gets the sack on Burris,

We settle for a 27 yard Congi,

3-0 Flying Wildcats :smiley:

Wanted the TD but a FG is better than zip which is what the Leos still have. Time to knock 'em out again :twisted:

Congi puts the Cats up 3-0. I am an echo of HTD. LOL

Is it me or does TSN have a bigger case of Argorhea than usual?

WAY TO GO DDDEFENSE!! Another 2and out! :thup: :thup: :thup:

Lulay et al. start on the BC 29,

Lulay hands off to Harris on FD and PU 2,

on second down, Lulay throws and INC after ball is tipped at LOS, JJ lays a big shot on Lulay,

D looking great so far, another 2-0.......