Leos at Gang Green, Sun. Sept. 22, 4:30 pm et

Sun September 22
B.C. at Saskatchewan
4:30 pm et /1:30 pm pt

This ought to be a good one. Will the Riders be able to capitalize against the Lulay-less Lions? We shall see.

Oski Wee Wee,


Hi folks!

Kickoff is imminent.

Durant coughs up a big fumble.

McCallum hits a chip shot FG...3-0 BC.

Is it just me, or do the refs seem to be missing a lot of PI calls on receivers. :thdn: I thought there should have been a call on the receiver near the end zone on that 2nd and goal!

The mistake-free Durant of July seems to have disappeared along with the rest of the "invincible" Riders!!

Indeed on both counts. A lot of pushoffs are ignored even if they are blatant.

3-1 BC as the Riders get a Schmitt rouge to open the second quarter.

I hope Stu Foord is alright after that blindside block.

I may be away from this game for a bit. Not the most riveting tilt so far....

You got that right - unless you like lots of defense and 2 and outs! :slight_smile:

Two horrendous "Protect the Prima Donna" penalties have aided BC's offence...That last one only slightly less egregious than the one in the first half...

If this is what is going to pass for "Roughing the Passer" penalties we might as well make it 2 Hand Touch on all QB's...

Completely ridiculous over zealous protection of players who are hit legally and have pads and helmet on...And it is completely warping how this game should be properly played...

This game got more interesting in the 3rd quarter. The defense wore themselves out and/or enough adjustments were made at halftime to get the offenses moving! We'll see if it continues to the end of the game. BC having more success than the Riders even with their loud fans! :stuck_out_tongue:

Milo misses another FG - TOO BAD Riders!!

I agree with you Welder; The last one is a BS Pig "Snot" call. In the NFL it's a legal hit.