Leos at Gang Green Game Thread, Sept. 24, 3:30 pm et, TSN

Saturday, September 24
BC at Saskatchewan

A month ago, this would have been considered a snoozer or worse. What a difference a month makes! I expect a great game from two offenses that have been on fire!

Oski Wee Wee,


TSN.ca's game preview is at http://tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=376591.

Oski Wee Wee,


Too bad that this is the only game that is Televised on the NFL network today!!


why did we get rid of this guy again? Bruce is back.

Why (with a borat accent)? I'm watching this one on the NFLN at work today :smiley:

Yeah nice 99 yard TD reception for BRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCE.....

20-0 puma concolor in the 2nd

Sask DB graham gets 40 yards in penalties (roughign and an ejection) in the same play for punching a BC player lol, extends the drive for BC,

McCallum makes it 25 straight with a 37 yarder.

23-0 Leos :cowboy:

BC will win the cup. Since signing Bruce, they look dangerous.

Durant throws a pick 6,

30-0 leos,

This is helping eliminate the rides chances of a crossover :rockin:

And Greg Marshall is having his best day in weeks.

We really reall really need to win tomorrow now to create some separation in the playoff race :roll:

Hands up if you predicted a 27 point spread at halftime?

What a bizarre season this is turning out to be. Other than the blue team anyone can kick the snot out of another anytime.

Lets do this to the dead horses tomorrow and we can forget about our past two games :stuck_out_tongue:

Well Im sitting here and watching the BC Game. I have to honestly say I was a HUGE Arland Bruce III fan, I thought he was a great addition and I was the first to send him a send him the best of luck message. THEN I SEE THIS…a fan made a statue for him and he disrepects it by painting all over it! WELL I JUST LOST TOTAL RESPECT FOR YOU ARLAND “RETH” BRUCE III. Think of the fan that made you that! TOTAL DISRESPECTFUL! I THINK ILL BURN THE PRACTICE JERSEY I BOUGHT THAT YOU WORE! YOU SUCK ARLAND FOR DOING THAT! :thdn: :thdn:

31-3 leos on a McCallum punt single in the third

Simon catches his 95th career TD reception,

38 - 3 pumas in the 3rd

Yeah I saw that too, I didnt know that Bruce defaced his own statue though???? :o

McCallum adds another punt single


Durant throws another pick on the following drive

Dude, it's a game. Relax. It's not worth taking a heart attack.

The only thing worse than Rod Black calling a football game is listening to him try to fill time during a blow out.

McCallum adds his 26th consecutive,

42-3 leos,

Dinwiddie is in at QB for the loogies