Leos at Gang Green Game Thread, July 14, 3 pm et, TSN

Lions at Roughriders
July 14
3 pm et / noon et

Hope to see you all here re this battle of the undefeateds!

Oski Wee Wee,


10 - 3 Lions end of the first.

BC looking gooooood

Indeed! Johnson showed great wheels on his TD!

Riders D stepping up, BC starting to struggl on O, Lulay just threw a pick, Riders have ball on BC 22 :roll:

The game is tied at 13 at the half.

It's starting to rain....Should give the riders an edge

23-13 rides in the 4th

Lions inside the Sasky 10 late in the 4th down 10...23-13 with 4 minutes to go...

TD BC...23-20 Saskatchewan...

23-20 rides,

Only 3-0 team in the league...

WHAT a game. :o

23-20 Riders over Lions, final. Great game, particularly with the Jackson FG return as the main highlight.

Sakatchewan is for real!

Oski Wee Wee,


As long as you ignore the illegal block at the goal line. But it gave me the points pick on RONA. :slight_smile:

On the replay, Suitor said it was a legal hit from the side.