Leos at Gang Green Game Thread (August 12, 8:30 p.m., TSN)

Lions at Roughriders
Today at 8:30pm/5:30pm

Also available on TSN HD

TSN.ca's game preview is at http://tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=330294 .

TSN's coverage is backed up because of the hitters of the little white ball. LOL :wink:


Hey it looks like thundershowers will be rolling into town in about 55 mins. Could we see another power outage at the mosaic taylor field stadium of Regina tonight? 3-0 leos after the first drive.....

21-6 Riders at the half -- Riders are showing their superiority and the Lions are definitely in trouble!

This will sound selfish, but given the Hall of Fame actually resides in Hamilton, I think the Hall of Fame Game should be in Hamilton every year. However, if Bob builds the new stadium in Aldershot maybe the HoF should move to Waterdown.

I wonder if Sask's first and goal formation inspires Mike Gibson.

Prechae hasn't done anything in the flatlands.

Will Chris Cuthbert drive to Winnipeg for tomorrow's game or will we be cursed with Rod 'twirls and curls' Black again?

I think it being Winnipeg and our recent bad stretch of luck..it'll be Black. LOL

37-13 Riders, 7:40 left in the 4th quarter...

The BC o-line is a shambles and Jackson clearly has lost something in his arm after his shoulder issues. It's not looking good for the Leos! Riders are smokin!!

I was in Saskatoon last week and the talk as to why the HOF game was in Sask this year was because of the 100 year celebration of the Riders.

BC is in shambles. Cuthbert was talking about Wally moving upstairs.

Conclusive win by the Riders!

it will be black for sure. that blows.

but... last years hall of fame game was held in winnipeg. blue bombers vs eskimos i think or perhaps.. it was against the ticats even, not sure who it was against but it was held in winnipeg last season. I remember them talking about how poorly it faied here... not the game but the pre game stuff they did during the week. not alot of peeps showed up. perhaps they will have the hall of game game in every city now that hamilton will be leaving.