Leos at Evil Incarnate Game Thread, Sun Aug 17, 7 pm et

Sun August 17
B.C. at Toronto
7pm et/4pm pt

This game depends on what Lions club shows up to the Rogers Centre. A BC win would help the Cats re the Labour Day tilt if the Cats take care of business Saturday against Calgary. It will be interesting to watch nonetheless.

Oski Wee Wee,


Lets go Leo's!!!!!!

edit: if the Arholes crush them I'm going to be extremely worried for labour day


there's only one game on Sunday

edit : where did Kings post go lol

http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=459609 << the TSN.ca pre-game article.

Obviously, an Evil win really puts the Cats in a must-win on Labour Day to keep pace in the tortoise-like crawl for first in the East. The Lions are clawing to keep in the hunt in the West, so I expect them to be putting up quite the fight!

Oski Wee Wee,


Well so far the new is good for us - 10-0 Leos! :smiley: End of the first quarter.

Which is better ... a jersey where you can see the player's number on one side (back) only or one where you can't see the number on any side, or anywhere else? I think the home team's uniforms look real good, aided considerably by the fact that all players appear to be uniformly sporting the old standard white sox look. Those BC suits may be the CFL's best for anyone very close to view them. However, the reason players wear numbers so they can be identified by officials, on and off the field, and by fans both in the stands and watching on TV. So, they really are the CFL's absolute worst. At least, they are so far with five more 'Signatures" set to be unveiled over the next three weeks.

Another missed no yards call on the Argholes punt with a minute left in the half.
An easy call that wasn't even close (player within 2 or 3 yards, ball in the air).
Have the refs forgotten how to call this?

Actually I like both unis but agree the numbers on the Leos are hard to read. They do have bright orange numbers on the helmet that are quite large so maybe that helps a bit.
So far Proulx and crew are having no problem seeing the numbers to throw a few red flags at them - I'm sure more than they saw last week at home! :roll:

Ricky has't found the end zone yet in the first half but Waters has been good on 3 FGs. Leos with a TD and two FGs for a score of 13-9 Leos. BC rattling Ray with a few sacks too. So far he has only 102 yds passing. :smiley:

I don't like the Arblows but I will give them credit where credit is due, their defence is playing hard every down with several sacks. Should be no contest when the Cats play Labour Day ... a decisive Toronto win if the Cats continue to play uninspired and undisciplined ball. Austin I trust you and your crew are taking much needed notes.

I also can't imagine anyone buying one without a number - wow, a black shirt. So how many sales are they missing out on from those who can't afford or refuse to pay the extra $70 for the name and number?

(I just checked BC's online store, and apparently they don't sell any of their jerseys without numbers and names. So, uh, never mind.)

I'll give you that they played somewhat uninspired ball in yesterday's game but they were far more disciplined than they have been all season and I expect that to continue.

Well BC has about 9 penalties for 86 yds I think. The blue guys only have about 4 for half the yardage (approximately).
Maybe it's the bad guy (dark) unis? :smiley:

Ugly uni's on both teams

Stupid Arholes

Normally agree to give credit where it's due but not a chance would I for that baby blue team.

Glenns a warrior.

Just passed Doug Flutie on the all-time passing list. The guy's been treated as no more than an insurance QB for the last five years, and yet has slowly amassed some hall of fame numbers. Hard to know where people will place him when all is said and done.

Agreed. Hopefully he's one of those players that gets respect after retirement.

Yeah td.

Suck on that baby blew team.

Is Manny a tight end. He’s tank

Third quater scoring - blue guys a punt single, and TD. Leos a FG but 5+ minutes into the fourth have regained the lead with another McCallum FG. 19-17 Leos

And for the best news - Leos (Arenaux) just scored a 53 yd major! 26-17 :smiley: