Leos at Evil Incarnate Game Thread, Aug. 6, 5 pm et, TSN

Lions at Argonauts
Monday, August 5
5 pm et / 2 pm pt

A Monday afternoon special as BC travels to the Concrete Convertible to play the Putrid Excrescences of Pigskin.

Go Leos!

Oski Wee Wee,




The game will kickoff on TSN2 because of the Canada-US soccer game going into the second half of extra time.



A win here puts them in the Gold medal game

On the fumble.. Lions recover.. TD!!!!!!

6-0 good guys!


TD overturned

TD LIONS!!!!!!

This one will count... pending PAT

7-0 Leos

Andrew Harris makes the fumble recovery in the end zone - reversed by replay.

Foster makes a TD reception on the next play. 7-0 Lions.


Ray picked off again!!!!!

FG good... Blew spots Lions to a 10-0 Lead!

Waters kicks a FG...Evil is now behind 11-3.

Waters kicks another FG, 11-6 BC at the half.

11-9 BC as Waters hits another FG for Evil.

You'd think this was a defensive gem, but IMO it's an offensive mishap.. the Os are killing themselves with penalties

Lulay to Ernest Jackson torches Evil...BC is trying to punch it in and...and...a commercial timeout lol

Reilly sneaks it in for BC - 18-9 now.

As much as I like to see the Argo's lose I want them to lose fairly. That offside call on the goaline was a bad call.

Big fumble by Ray and the Lions can pretty much ice this with another major.

The game has been dragged down by a number of phantom penalty calls.

Yup, the call looked bad... it was sort of like the Norwegian ref's call in women's soccer today that gave the game to the US over Canada.

Ray throws another pick - Marsh capitalizes.