Leos at EEEEEEEs Game Thread, Sat July 16, 7 pm et TSN

Saturday, July 16
BC at Edmonton

Can the Leos right the ship after an 0-2 start? Or will the Esks continue to impress? Ought to be a good one!

Oski Wee Wee,


I would hope BC will be pretty hungry for a W this week. Edmonton might be a tad overconfident with their early success after a few bad years.

I'm biased as an Esks fans, but the sheer number of people still surprised by Eskimo success after that first road win surprises me even more. Its not like Ricky Ray isn't a known quantity, and now for the first time since going 10-8 in 2008, Ray has the pieces and the time to work with him. As soon as he started getting time to throw and Coach Crandell decided to actually call the run, it was a sign of things to come. For those who follow my team closely, the definite sign of better things this year was when Coach Reed made starters out of Calvin McCarty and Andrew Nowacki. A tough back and a clutch possession receiver (both NIs) who had frankly been wasted for the last few years under coaches Maciocia and Hall.

A shameless bump of sorts. LOL


The balance in the offense has been a big factor in the resurgence, no question!

I wouldn't say I'm surprised by the early success because they do have the talent to win for sure. My point was that after 5 mediocre to bad years the 2-0 record might boost their egos a little more than it should. Thats all I meant.


TSN's pre-game article is linked above.

It's last week's opponents versus next week's opponents. It may be interesting.

Wish I was there but listening to The Details from the Peg with family (had to do this today) with a 23-0 lead - nice!

Time for another victim to march into Commonwealth. Looks like this one wears orange.

I think BC stops the EE today....

Game two of the doubleheader about to kick off!

Double E looks good so far

Crandell is really impressing me as OC for the Esks!

Agreed. .as they sore a TD

10-0 Esks

Edmonton looks much sharper!

Give Ray time, and you might as well give Edmonton the W now.... It can still turn bad to disastrous for the EE if BC and future opponents find ways to get sacks.

Looks like the Ham/SSK game so far

Show blitz every play, same thing. Of course, getting a few holding calls made, things might be different. (Not sure how many Hamilton got away with last week, but I counted three on Edmonton that would have been sacks or fumbles without the holds.)

21-3 Esks after the Porter TD. The Lions are in deeeeep....LOL